In life, we go through so many different stages. We have those years in elementary that we play every sport known to man, those years in middle school that we're convinced we'll become movie stars, then high school comes around and we experience that first real heartbreak. These times are all so different yet they all have something in common. The people you surround yourself with. I am a firm believer in "girl power". I think that it's important for girls to stick together and build each other up. Your girl gang is your end game and I am so grateful for mine.

I have all different types of gal pals inside and outside of school. For this article, I'm specifically talking about the ones that have been there since the start. We all kind of came together during the most awkward parts of our lives. We were all about to be done with elementary school, the time when the most exciting thing was deciding what color rubber bands to get next on our braces. Life was pretty simple. We were all so different, we still are, but for some reason, we clicked.

We did basically everything together. We would even trick the guidance counselors into putting us into the same classes. From taking embarrassing pictures of each other to attending our first homecoming, we did it all together. It's crazy to think about how much we've grown yet the one thing that has remained constant was us being close. If one of us was going through something, we were all going through it. It was just the kind of friendship we had.

There's just something special about the people that you grew up with. Those people that know absolutely everything about you. We were there for all of each other's firsts. Going through high school without them would just have not been the same. This doesn't mean it was always easy like I said before, we all are so different. Sometimes, we would pull shit that each other wouldn't like. The hardships were there and they were real. We all made our fair share of mistakes. The one who invested all her time in the wrong person, the girl that went for the boy that was frankly just bad news, and the one who struggled to hold down a job. We had our baggage but we got through it with a little help from one another.

In life, we will encounter so many people that will touch us in different ways. It is cliche to say, but boys come and go, your girls stick around forever. Though we will all go down different paths in life, I have the utmost confidence that we will stay friends forever. It is hard to find the people that you now that you could count on for anything and have those people stay around for this long. I believe that our loyalty to each other speaks volumes - my girl gang is my end game.