My Boyfriend Challenging Me Makes Me A Better Person
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5 Ways Your Boyfriend Should Challenge You To Be A Better Person

He pushes me to be a better person by constantly challenging me.

5 Ways Your Boyfriend Should Challenge You To Be A Better Person
Skyler Anderson

Cliche, I know. But my boyfriend challenges me every single day. I'm new to this whole relationship thing. He is my first real boyfriend. Through him, something challenges me every day and I'm constantly growing.

1. First, he challenges my patience.

When he doesn't understand me or when we have a disagreement, he challenges me to be patient. I have to let him explain himself. When I want us to do something at that very moment, I have to let him finish his video game (that takes a lot of patience). When he jokes and I don't find it funny, I have to find the patience to not snap on him and understand his side.

2. He challenges my self-expression.

I am a very vocal person about when I am mad or sad or happy. However, I am not good at explaining why I feel a certain way. When I am having a panic attack or when I am in a mood, he pushes me to dive deep and understand myself so that I can explain it to him.

3. He challenges my independence.

In the year before him, I had made myself very independent. I went to the movies by myself, I ate by myself, there wasn't much that I couldn't do alone. However, now, with him, I am constantly being challenged to create a balance of me time and time shared with him. He pushes me to allow him to help me and be there for me.

4. He challenges my time management.

Trying to balance work, school, friends, sorority, family, and a boyfriend is hard. I didn't realize how much things would change when I added that last addition. I want to spend almost every minute with him, but yet I know for my own sake, I have to do other things such as my homework and spending time with my other friends. But by doing this balancing act, I am learning so much.

5. Lastly, and the most important, he challenges my self-love.

I pride myself in having a lot of love for myself and knowing my worth, but everyone has insecurities and flaws they see in themselves. But my boyfriend pushes me to see the beauty in my flaws. From the admiration he has for all the things I hate, I have come to have a love for those things that drive me crazy about myself.

I'm sure there are many other ways he challenges me as well, but these are the main ones. I am so thankful for these challenges because I can see them transforming me into a well-rounded person. So here's a thank you to my boyfriend who is constantly challenging me and pushing me to fight battles I've never had before.

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