17 Wonderful Things I Don't Thank My Boyfriend Enough For
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17 Wonderful Things I Don't Thank My Boyfriend Enough For

I am incredibly thankful for you and everything you do.

17 Wonderful Things I Don't Thank My Boyfriend Enough For
Alexi Sanderlin

We have been together for over a year now, and while it hasn't been perfect, I couldn't have chosen a better person to accompany me on life's journey. Our relationship is hectic sometimes and you're much better with words than I am.

Often, I don't thank you for the things you do or remember to tell you just how much I appreciate you. I tell you that you're "my person" fairly often, but that isn't enough. So in an effort to make it up, I compiled this list of things to thank my person for.

Thank you for...

1. Thinking of me.

You always send me messages or call and leave me voicemails telling me that you're thinking of me. It's at random times of day, and I never really expect it. It always puts a smile on my face and makes my heart warm.

2. Knowing when to hold me.

Somehow you always know when I just need you to be there to hold me. I never have to say anything. You're almost always there with your arms wide open, waiting for me to seek their comforting embrace.

3. Keeping my feet warm.

I know that you hate when I put my ice cold feet on your back or under your legs, but aside from a wince as a reaction to the cold, you almost never complain about it. You just let me use you as my human space heater.

4. Kissing my forehead.

Nothing makes me smile wider than when you kiss my forehead. You do it a lot when you think I've fallen asleep, or right as I'm waking up. It never fails to make me grin, even when that's the last thing I want to do.

5. Challenging me.

You are incredibly frustrating but in the best possible way. No one challenges me more than you do. You push me to be the best I can be in every way possible. Without you, I probably wouldn't accomplish a lot of things.

6. Trying to understand me.

I know that I am a lot to handle, and it's nearly impossible to understand me, but you never stop trying to make sense of me. You spend an insane amount of time trying to figure me out in ways no one else has.

7. Making me laugh harder than I ever have.

I tell you frequently that you are the biggest goofball I know. It is my favorite part about you. Every time we're together, you make me laugh hard enough to cry, and I can't tell you the last time I've been that happy.

8. Allowing me to be myself.

I am a mess of a person, but somehow you find a way to allow me to be myself and be less of a mess. You embrace the mess that is me, and you make sure I know that you are OK with who I am.

9. Being the person I can rely on.

I know that no matter where I am or when I call you, you will answer me and be there when I need you. Even if it's something stupid. You've saved my ass on more than one occasion. I know that you're always there.

10. Keeping my secrets.

I have a bit of a messy history. A lot of parts of my life I can't share, nut you are always there to be my secret keeper when I need you to be.

11. Making me try new things.

I am not an adventurous person. You bring out that side of me. You make me try new places, new foods, new TV shows, new music. You have opened my world to things I have never known.

12. Rarely complaining.

I am the most difficult person to deal with. You put up with a lot. Yet you rarely ever complain, at least to my face. You do remind me that I could be a little easier to work with, but you rarely ever outright complain.

13. Supporting everything I do.

I have wanted to accomplish a lot in the last year. No matter how crazy the idea you have been nothing but supportive. Even when I have a choir concert on a Saturday night and you would rather be literally anywhere else, you show up, you bring me flowers, and you tell me how great it was.

14. Helping me face my fears.

I am terrified of pretty much everything. You never let me use my fear as an excuse, though. You're constantly there to push me to overcome them so I can improve as a person.

15. Reminding me of my worth.

I take a blow to my self-esteem fairly often. I will admit, a lot of it is in my head, but every day you tell me how beautiful I am, even if you haven't even seen me. You remind me of the good things I have to offer and never let me see myself in a negative light.

16. Teaching me things.

There are a lot of things I wouldn't know without you. You frequently say, "wanna learn something?" and then tell me something incredibly complicated.

Aside from that, you teach me how to be observant, how to find joy in unlikely places, and how to live life in the best possible ways. I learn a lot just by watching you be you.

17. Being yourself.

This is what I am most thankful for. I don't tell you enough that you're one of the best people I know. All of these things are part of you, I couldn't even list all of the things I am thankful for. There are too many.

You do almost everything to the best of your ability and you try to be the best version of yourself that you can be. You work hard every day and you bring happiness and excitement to an otherwise mundane existence.

I could never thank you for everything you do. Truthfully, you deserve the mood. But I hope that this was at least a start.

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