If your birthday is anytime during the month of December, you know the struggle of feeling like your birthday gets lost of the holiday hustle and bustle. Although there are downsides to a holiday birthday, it is not all bad. These gifs from The Office give a look into what a Christmas birthday is really like.

1.  Drawing the line at skipping a birthday party because "there's not enough time"

2.  "Ohhh. You have a birthday this month?" 

3. When your attempt to make your birthday a big deal fails.

4. Emphasizing that you want a birthday present, too.

5. How you feel about having a holiday birthday most of the time

6. When someone makes an effort to make your birthday special

7. Because no one can come to your party due to Christmas gatherings

8. The budgeted birthday party

9. Your friends forgetting it's your birthday

10.  The spectacular surprise party your family pulled off

11.  When you realize how truly blessed you are and feel badly for complaining about it

12.  The perfect gift

13.  Your reaction at the end of the best birthday ever

14.  After your birthday and Christmas have passed

15.  Realizing that your friends and family are the best for making time for you/spending money on you during the busy holidays.

At the end of the day, I realize how blessed I am and know that having another year to celebrate my birthday at is enough to be thankful for.