15 Things All December Babies Know ALL Too Well

15 Things All December Babies Know ALL Too Well

"Oh, that must suck."

1. "Merry Birthmas!"

Hmm, it actually seems like when your birthday was close to St. Patrick's Day I didn't go around saying "Happy Saint Birthday's!" so maybe just let my birthday be its own event, okay?

2. So. Many. Indoor. Birthday. Parties.

All of your summer friends were having pool parties and outdoor fun, and you were forced to come up with fun indoor games that wouldn't make your friends want to leave.

3. You're constantly told how bad December birthdays must suck

*Tells someone my birthday*

"Oh, that must be terrible"

4. Combined gifts

Just no. I'd like two, please. I understand that Jesus' birthday is kind of outshining mine but work with me.

5. Having at least 3 friends not be able to celebrate with you because of the holidays

Or not being able to come because they're "saving up for the holidays".

6. But, you do get a LOT of gifts within a few weeks of each other

You pretty much get an entire year's worth of gifts in one month, which is very nice.

7. But figuring out what you want for your birthday is hard because you have to ask for gifts that apply to all of the seasons

A bathing suit seems like an odd gift in the dead of winter, but when everyone is getting new swimwear during their convenient summer birthdays, you'll be missing out.

8. Going out on your birthday is a nightmare because it's approximately freezing

People really are not interested in celebrating your birthday by going out to the bars when it is -12 degrees and snowing.

9. You gain approximately 10 pounds in the month of December

Your normal Christmas weight combined with a lot of birthday cake (and possibly alcohol) is a recipe for a weight-related New Year's Resolution.

10. You are used to looking forward to pretty much nothing until month number 12

All of the important days are all the way at the end of the year.

11. "All I had was Christmas wrapping paper."

I guess my birthday gifts will just be wrapped in reindeer this year.

12. You may feel bad for yourself, but you feel worse for your mother...

Can you IMAGINE spending the best time of the year almost at full-term with a living child in your body? And THEN having to listen to people say, "wow that must be the best Christmas gift of all!" Yeah, I'm sure agonizing childbirth was what she wanted under the tree this year.

13. ... And for her bank account

Sorry you have to get me everything I want for the entire year in 3 days, mom!

14. You were probably off school for your birthday every year or at least wrapping up

I've personally never had school on my birthday, which is one of my favorite things about my birthday.

15. But in the end, you actually LIKE having your birthday during the most wonderful time of the year

For all of the people who think my birthday is the worst, it is actually just one more thing that truly makes December the most wonderful time of the year.

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1. Beer holster belt

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Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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39 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Don't stress over finding the perfect present for your woman, because everything a girl could want is right here.


As a girlfriend, I always look forward to the holidays or events where you receive presents from your significant other. Not that I love material things, it is just a great way for them to express how much they care about you.

My boyfriend has always done a great job when it comes to gifts and a lot of the things on this list are things he has gotten me in the past.

So here are some ideas for any guys who aren't quite sure what to get their lady or for any girls who want to share this to give their man a hint ;)

(For best results, mix and match a few of these.)

1. Flowers

2. Chocolates or favorite candy/food

3. Stuffed animals 

4. Gift card to their favorite clothing store

5. Gift card to a place that you can enjoy together 

Restaurant, theater, etc.

6. Cute socks 

7. Candle 

8. Heart felt card

9. Date night box

Fill a box with specific date night essentials. For example, Movie, popcorn, candy, pajamas, for a movie night together.

10. Face masks

11. Movie  

Buy her a movie you saw together or if you know of a movie you know she really loved or wanted to see.

12. Fuzzy blanket 

Fuzzy socks, fuzzy pillows. Girls love everything fuzzy.

13. Toys for their pet (If they have one)

14. Wine or favorite alcohol 

15. Make coupon book

1 free back massage, 1 free favor, etc.

16. Succulent 

17. Picture frame with a picture of the two of you 

18. Jewelry 

19. Lotion or perfume

20. Hand made craft

Paint or draw them something. It means so much more than a store bought gift.

21. Gift card to spa or nail salon 

22. Decorations for their room  

All girls love cute little knick knacks. TJ Maxx has the hook up.

23. Cute Mug 

You can even fill it with tea or hot coco.

24. Salt lamp 

25. Lava lamp

26. Diffuser and/or Essential oils

27. Nail polish 

28. T-shirt from her favorite band/artist/movie 

29. Poster of her favorite band/artist/movie

30. Cute new phone case

31. Hair accessories or products 

Scrunchies, bobby pins, hairspray, etc.

32. Art supplies 

Canvas, paint brushes, etc. Or supplies for any hobbies she has.

33. Monthly subscription box

It's the gift that literally gives all year! These are subscriptions such as Ipsy, FabFitFun, etc.

34. Donate to a charity or organization she is passionate about 

worldwildlife.org, Ivory Ella, etc. When you buy from Ivory Ella they donate a % to saving elephants, and if you donate to WWF you usual get a present as well, that can be part of your gift to show you donated.

35. Star map of the day you started dating 


36. Matching friendship bracelets or necklaces

In relationships it is important to remember that you are best friends first.

37. Promise ring 

What girls love more than jewelry is jewelry that means something special!

38. Matching Underwear 


39. Cook her a nice meal

Honestly, the best present is just something that she can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into. It isn't always about how expensive the gift was, it is just about how much you know her and the time you put into giving her a really special gift.

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