Growing up with a younger brother, always seemed like a curse because as a child I always wanted a sister. I think that's a part of just wanting what you don't have, especially since I had already had a younger brother at the time. As much of an aggravation it could be to have a younger brother because of the arguments, and the teenage attitude that I don't remember being nearly that bad, I love having a little brother. It's just amazing to have someone who won't say things to try to be kind of friendly because they don't care due to the fact that you’re family and you have each other always no matter what. I've always said that there is nobody I could be more myself with than my brother.

A little brother is like, this young male version of yourself that you can give advice to based on your life experience. I love having the opportunity to use all of my experiences both good and bad to teach him things. He's the person that I can tell things to without worry that he’d judge me because I know he won't because he’s my brother. He’s a secret keeper, when in doubt he’ll always have my back and I'll have his because that's honestly what family is about. He’s the only one who I can tell all my gossip to and he’ll still say I'm a “savage” and making me laugh it off.

Having a little brother isn't all rainbows and sunshine, even though there are the things I love about it there are things that get on my nerves as well. Like the races to the front seat, or the loud John Cena videos during his wrestling stage, or even fighting over the remote for the TV. Those moments, those are the most frustrating- the times that I feel our personalities clash like oil and vinegar. The moments when one of us take a joke too far and the other storms off and probably throws an unnecessary tantrum even though we’re both pre-teen/ teenagers at this point. But the recovery moments are the best, when I confess that I didn't mean anything by what I said and How I had good intentions and then you give me a two second hug because you’re a boy and that's what you do.

Throughout all of our lives, we’ve learned a thing or two from one another. How to cheer loud at your football games and how to be less mom like when we talk things out, or how to swim and how to download music- things that are all important, yes. We teach each other something more valuable than those things in the end, we teach one another how to appreciate the smaller things in life such as all of the sacrifices our parents make for us that sometimes we don't realizes until way later then we should’ve. Even though you are the biggest pain in my butt, I know when I leave for college you will be one of the biggest things i'll miss about living at home.