Top 10 Hottest MLB Players

Top 10 Hottest MLB Players

Root, root, root for the hottest player.

It is finally the wonderful season we've all been waiting for: summer. The season consisting of beach days, evening thunderstorms, ice cream, and the most important sport is in full force: baseball.

America's pastime has brought some very, very, beautiful men into baseball pants and into our hearts.There is nothing quite as beautiful as a man in baseball pants. By all means, the game itself is also very intriguing and fun to watch, but the heart throbs who play the game really steal the show.

Let's round the bases, shall we?

10. C.J. Wilson.

34 years old, pitcher.

Have you ever seen an angel before? Well, here he is. And he plays for the Los Angeles Angels, how fitting.

9. Hunter Strickland.

26 years old. pitcher.

Now, this giant babe plays for the San Francisco Giants. He may be married, ladies, but we can still stare at him on the mound like everyone else, and it'll be considered normal. It's totally okay.

8. Matt Kemp.

30 years old. Outfielder.

The first hottie on the list for the Padres, Matt Kemp -- oh, my goodness. He could easily double as a model. What talent.

7. Trevor Plouffe.

29 years old. Third baseman.

(Heart eyes emoji) Minnesota Twins, I just want to personally thank you for him.

6. Wil Myers

24 years old. Outfielder.

Ugh. Another ball of cuteness from the San Diego Padres won the the 2013 AL Outstanding Rookie award, and also won our hearts. Just look at that chiseled jaw -- amazing.

5. Buster Posey

28 years old. Catcher.

Former FSU alum, now plays for the New York Giants. He's lived in my state for four years and I've never met or dated him? Unfair.

4. Anthony Recker.

31 years old. Catcher

They aren't lying when they say there are some great things in New York, like the Statue Of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and this catch. I mean, how is he even real?

3. Daniel Norris.

21 years old. Pitcher

All you beard-loving ladies, story time: during his off season, this Toronto Blue Jays babe drives his 1978 Volkswagen van home to Johnson City, Tenn. and back to Florida for spring training. He cooks out of it, adventures with it, goes to the beach with it. You heard right -- he can cook!! As if being a hot baseball player wasn't enough for him, he's also a perfect travel buddy; is there a more perfect combination?

2. Derek Jeter.

41 years old (and still killing it). Retired shortstop.

The "Captain" deserves a fitting #2 on this list and is a timeless Yankees hottie. Thank you for all your years on the field and for your face. We like that, too.

1. Kevin Kiermaier

25 years old. Outfileder.

Boom, here's MLB's number one bombshell. The biggest hottie on any baseball diamond. He may be #39 on the field, but he is most definitely #1 in our hearts -- am I right, ladies? This green-eyed beauty is impossible not to stare at during the Tampa Bay Rays games. And he's single. So am I -- coincidence? I think not.

So, next game, just remember that you are not the only one who thinks the third baseman is a total dime. He most definitely is. Hats off to you, MLB.

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Duh, Horseback Riding Is A Sport Just Like The Sky Is Blue And The Grass Is Green

Being an equestrian takes just as much work as a football player.

There are many different things that annoy me, trigger me, and send me into a frenzy. Just ask my friends, and they’ll tell you that the list goes on for days with things like struggling to close a ziplock bag, getting stuck behind slow walkers, and being stuck in a conversation when someone just won’t. Stop. Talking.

However, the number one thing at the very top of my list is a specific statement: “No, horseback riding is not a sport.”

First of all—the words every girl uses when beginning an argument—you couldn't be any more far from the truth. Horseback riding takes about as much time, effort, and energy as a football player.

I’ve been an equestrian for the past 12 years, so trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

Just like every other sport out there, we practice a lot. My trainer will send out weekly reminders about when she is teaching and what times we need to be there, and we need to show up prepared to work hard and learn something new. Like coaches, horses are amazing teachers and each one has a different personality that will help make you a better rider.

One of the first horses I had ridden was named Gidget. She was a sassy, red-headed mare who knew her job and did it well. She taught me to not be afraid of starting new things and gave me such great confidence to keep going.

Every horse I’ve ever ridden has shown me new things that I can apply both in the ring and in my outside life. The amount of effort put into this sport is unmatchable to any other. You have effort coming from the rider, the horse, the trainer, and especially the parents.

As a rider, I put all my effort into making sure my horse is safe and executing courses correctly; my horse puts all his effort into taking care of me and getting the job done; my trainer makes sure my horse is taken care of at all times and gives me the knowledge to make my courses flawless; my parents supply an everlasting amount of support.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not horseback riding is a sport, hopefully, this will help get you on board: when you’re playing with a teammate, it’s easy to communicate with them in order to get results, right? Now imagine having to move 1000 pounds of pure muscle with a simple leg movement.

Horses obviously can’t speak to humans, which is why it is so much more difficult and also why the rider does a lot more than they are given credit for. I am the one that decides which direction we go in, whether or not the horse should walk or canter, and what distance to take when jumping—which isn’t to say that I’m never wrong because I am, frequently.

While I am the one that makes most of the decisions, my horse never fails to bail me out when I’ve made a mistake. Baxter, who was the last horse I’ve ridden, is truly a knight in shining armor. Whenever I make a mistake, he always does his best to protect me and execute the plan as best as he can. Horses are magnificent creatures that work hard to do their jobs, just as the riders, trainers, and parents do.

So the next time someone poses the question, “Do you think horseback riding is a sport?”, remember that blood, sweat, and tears go into this sport just as they would in football, basketball, or even curling.

And if you happen to put a football player in front of a sassy, red-headed mare, I can guarantee you he would run for his life.

Cover Image Credit: Mackie Pritchard

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Playoff Rondo Is A Different Breed

When he’s feeling it, Rajon Rondo is one of the most fun players to watch in the NBA. Right now, he's feeling it.

Rajon Rondo lives for the postseason.

In the 2017 NBA Playoffs, he led the Chicago Bulls to two straight victories over the Celtics. In one of them, he was a rebound shy of a triple double and had 5 steals. Then he broke his thumb and was forced to miss the rest of the series. Chicago proceeded to lose four straight and were effectively eliminated from playoff contention.

Now, for the second straight year, Rondo is showing that he’s still got it in his early 30s. To be honest, I doubted Rondo would ever be an impact player again when he struggled in Dallas and Sacramento. It seemed his attitude was going to derail his career, and he would fail to live up to his potential.

However, he has been great for New Orleans this year, and he's playing even better this postseason. In Game 1 against Portland he had 17 assists and nearly had a triple-double in Game 2 (9 assists). He has led New Orleans in performances in which they have shown good ball movement, and on more than one occasion I’ve heard people watching say, “How did Rondo fit that ball in there?”. Playing with great scorers in Jrue Holiday and Anthony Davis, he seems more than comfortable in his role as a facilitator.

In addition to passing the ball extremely well, Rondo has been hustling to collect rebounds and has scored when the Pelicans have needed him to, ie. at the end of Game 2 when he hit a 3-point dagger with 38 seconds left to seal it.

The last couple of years Rondo has been stellar in the postseason, and he hasn’t lost a playoff game since 2015. His improved performance on the big stage is nothing new for him, though.

Over the course of his career, he’s averaged 3.8 more points, 1.2 more rebounds, and 0.7 more assists per game. These may not seem like significant jumps, but when you consider how many playoff games he’s competed in dating back to his days with the Paul Pierce-Ray Allen-Kevin Garnett Celtics, it becomes a bit more impressive.

When he’s feeling it, Rajon Rondo is one of the most fun players to watch in the NBA. Right now he is feeling it. The boys down in NOLA are thriving because of it--also because of Jrue Holiday’s brilliant scoring performances and Anthony Davis’s perpetual brilliance in all areas of the game.

The series with Portland has been gritty, and the Pelicans have been forced to show that they have what it takes to close games. They’ve done that, and they did it in Portland. Now they head back to the Smoothie King Center with a chance to sweep at home. With as much confidence as they’re playing with right now, that very well might happen.

Cover Image Credit: New Orleans Pelicans YouTube

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