The man I am going to marry is the man I have prayed for a long time now. I have prayed for him now, prayed for his future and prayed for our future together. He is also a man I have dreamed about marrying and living my best life with.

Dancing in the kitchen at 2 a.m. Raising our kids together and taking them to church.

More than just what I want and have prayed for in a future husband, there are the expectations that my parents have for my future spouse. I interviewed my parents and asked what they wanted for me from my future husband, and how very different their answers are amazed me.

My Mom's expectations:

"A Godly man who loves you like Jesus loves us. Who TRULY loves you for the Godfearing and God-honoring woman you are! A man who can walk beside you and pray with you and pray FOR you! A man who 'loves you with genuine affection and takes delight in honoring you' (Romans 12:10) Also, He must love dogs!"

My Dad's expectations:

"Honest, trustworthy, respectful, inspiring, humorous, supportive and your best friend. Wealthy helps but if you don't have all that, the relationship won't work. Inspiring is very important, I think."

It amazed me how different these answers are. While my mom focused more on the God-fearing man she wants for me, my dad focused more on the classic idea for a future spouse. I am thankful for both of these answers.

So, to my future husband, if you're reading this — whether you know me yet or not — I pray you live up to these standards. I cannot wait to meet you, and I know my parents are excited to meet you, too.

Until then, I pray you prepare yourself for me the way I am preparing myself for you.