The Top Essential Oils You Need To Survive College
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The Top Essential Oils You Need To Survive College

The oils you need unless you LIKE stress, anxiety, and brain fog!

The Top Essential Oils You Need To Survive College

So here's the skinny -- college is HARD, and like it or not, you'll most likely be having lots of late nights and stress and anxiety caused by upcoming assignments you SWORE you'd start on yesterday. And I get it, there's a lot of helpful remedies and things you can do to reduce that, but I've recently discovered the goodness that is essential oils and y'all, they are amazing and seem to work the best for me out of everything else I've tried. Here are the top oils you won't catch me shipping off to college without this year, and you shouldn't leave without throwing them in your bag either!

Lavender - To relieve stress and help you sleep.

Sandalwood - To improve your focus and eliminate brain fog.

Peppermint - Boosts your energy.

I like to diffuse this one while getting ready in the morning! Especially after a long night studying.

Ylang-Ylang - To help you get to sleep.

Orange - To boost your mood and help alleviate stress.

Your roommate will thank you. Trust me.

Rosemary - To clear up that brain fog!

Grapefruit - Increase energy, boost your mood, and reduce stress.

Eucalyptus - Relieves symptoms of a cold!

Vanilla - Boost your mood, calm your nerves, and serve as an antidepressant.

Bergamot - Reduce anxiety, boost your mood, and help you sleep.

If you're new to the idea of essential oils, it can be a little bit intimidating being that there are SO many with SO many benefits, so hopefully this list will help you narrow it down. Don't be afraid to try out new oils and see what they do for you, either! Get your diffuser and oil starter kit here!

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