What I Mean When I Say That Donald Trump Is #NotMyPresident

What I Mean When I Say That Donald Trump Is #NotMyPresident

"Donald Trump is THE President, but he is #NotMyPresident"

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Yes, here it is, yet another article relating to the recent election. If you think I'm beating a dead horse (you're wrong) but feel free to pass this up and not read. But, being who I am as a person, it would be wrong for me to not have my say. I promise to keep it as short as I can.

Recently, the #NotMyPresident tag has been spreading wildly, but what I'm hearing from all of my friends, family, and people in general who are supporters of Trump is that they believe this statement is being made literally when, in fact, it's not meant that way.

I don't pretend to speak for any or all democrats/liberals/Clinton Supporters/Anyone who didn't vote for Trump, but I believe most of them would back me when I say that I am not in denial. I am not stupid. I do not have false hopes that we can somehow overthrow the government and lift Bernie onto our backs, carrying him overhead into the White House (a girl can dream though). Despite what you may believe I am not some idiotic child with an overactive imagination. I know that in a few months Donald Trump will become our president (though I am certainly not in love with the idea.) I do not argue that. I wouldn't bother.

What I mean when I say that Donald Trump is not my president, is that: he may represent this country, but he absolutely does not represent me. I mean that although he degrades women, I do not accept degrading women. I mean that although he disrespects veterans, I do not accept disrespecting veterans. When he shows hate towards Muslims, blacks, the Chinese, Latinx, undocumented immigrants, LGBTQA+, or any other minority group, that does not represent me.

I want to make sure that any member of these groups will know that they are safe with me. That I am not the man who was elected to represent me. I will not allow him to represent me. I want members of these groups to know that I will not stand idly by as he takes away their rights to feel safe. That when he tries to take from them, and hurt them, that I will do whatever is in my power to fight that, right alongside them. I want them to know that they are loved and that there are those out there who are ready and willing to fight for their rights and safety. That I will not take his word as law.

Donald Trump is the president, but he is #NotMyPresident.

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