21 Useful Acronyms From The Disney Language
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21 Useful Acronyms From The Disney Language

Wonder what OJT, ADO, RDO meant?

21 Useful Acronyms From The Disney Language

As we all know that Disney doesn't use full words, especially if you are a cast member. They love to abbreviate everything, and I mean everything. Sometimes if you are to ingrained in the Disney language, you'll end up using these acronyms in real life like me. These are the most used and useful ones I've encountered during my college program.

1. Park Names

MK - Magic Kingdom, DHS - Disney's Hollywood studios (alt. Studios), DAK - Disney's Animal Kingdom, DLR=Disneyland, DCA = Disney's California Adventure


Every paycheck comes on Thursday.

3. ADO

Authorized Day Off, this is typically seen on the hub for when you have requested additional days off.

4. RDO

Regular day off, the days off that scheduling gives you (note that not every role and location will give you the same RDO every week/schedule drop).


Mickey's Not-so-Scary Halloween Party, which is Halloween galore that starts in late September and goes on all the way through the end of October. It's really a mouthful in general, but it is so much easier to type out this way.


Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, the holiday season party, that comes right after MNSSHP.

7. ENT

Entertainment role, includes Photopass, character performer, and character attendant, parade performers and etc.


Quick-service food and beverage, anything to do with any fast food type restaurant in the parks, resorts and water parks.

9. ODV

Outdoor vending food, which is basically the food carts that sell churros, turkey legs and etc. This is also a sub-section of QSFB.

10. FSFB

Full service food and beverage, and for CP's this role is actually a seater role instead of server.

11. Disney Resorts Acronyms

Every resorts have their own acronyms, so just go by the first letter of every resort name, such as:

Coronado Springs Resort = CSR

Art of Animation - AOA

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge = DAKL, etc.

12. FOF

Festival of Fantasy parade.


Disney's electrical parade or otherwise known as the Main Street electrical parade.

14. HUB

Not really an acronym but everyone knows it as the Disney employee site.

15. DCP

Easy though, Disney College program

16. WBI

Web-based Interview, its an online interview test that everyone takes for whenever they apply for the DCP.

17. PI

Depending on context it means Phone Interview for those doing the DCP, and for most it means Professional Internship, which is a step up from DCP and focuses more on the managerial and professional side of the company through internships offered all over the country.

18. OJT

On the Job Training -- means literally training on the job, and if you are a new CP bring and wear all costume pieces if you already have them, when you encounter this acronym on your hub schedule.

19. POS

Point of sale system, its the system they use for handling money, aka merchandise, cashier.

20. CDS

Cast Deployment System, the system that most roles use at most locations when clocking in and out, also getting your assignments for the day, where you clock in/out for your breaks. It essentially tells you what to do and where to go for a certain amount of time.

21. FP+

The fast pass plus system, they don't have it at Disneyland but it is utilized everywhere at WDW. You can make fast passes essentially on your phone, computer or any other smart device with the MDE -- My Disney Experience app.

P.S. Most rides and attractions do have their own acronym, but it doesn't take a genius to figure them out to be honest. 7DMT - seven dwarfs mine train, and PFTH -- princess fairy tale hall, and etc etc. Most cast members refer to the attractions and rides with either acronyms or nicknames.

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