I Can't Date Guys My Age

I Absolutely Refuse To Date Guys My Own Age–Bring On The Older Guys With More Maturity

Let's be mature about this.


Dating at 20-years-old is extremely daunting. Meeting people face to face is difficult, and people don't take dating apps seriously. The vast majority of guys my age don't want a relationship, anyway. They'd rather stay single so they can party and hook up with girls whenever they please. Don't get me wrong, that's totally fine!

For me, however, this poses a problem. I'm not looking for a guy that can't commit. I've been single for quite a while, and I actually like it a lot, but I know I won't feel this way forever. When I do start looking for someone to be with, I'm definitely not going to look at guys my own age.

Despite the commitment issues and the partying, there are other things I just don't like about the majority of guys my age. Most of them are super immature and can't handle a serious, adult relationship. My generation thinks it's normal to have a relationship filled with jealousy and miscommunication. People my age think raging fights and constant arguments are a sign of love. Um, ew. Excuse me while I go throw up.

How do I know this? I see the kinds of things people share on social media with the caption "goals" or whatever. People really think dysfunctional relationships are the epitome of love. Apparently, a relationship without struggle is a sign that someone doesn't care. I don't know what kind of wacky logic that is, but I want no part of it.

Relationships should be easy. They should be built upon mutual respect, trust, and communication. These things are very hard to find in a partner my age. My theory is that an older guy will have had his fun. He will have learned that trust issues and fights don't lead to good things. Again, I'm not saying all guys my age think like this, but the majority of them do, and that's too many for my liking.

I'm tired of games and nonsense. When I'm ready to commit to a relationship, I want a partner who respects me enough to put his best foot forward. I want someone who puts the same effort into the relationship that I do. I genuinely believe that I'll find these qualities in a guy just a bit older than myself.

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