Ever since I was born I’ve been an Ohio State fan, that’s just how it’s supposed to be when you’re from Ohio. As you grow up, your passion for them grows and so does your hatred for Michigan. When I was younger we were taught Michigan fans were weird, horrible people that when you see those ugly blue and yellow colors you laugh in their face and call them losers (Totally kidding! Kind of). But, when I got into high school I met a guy that I really liked, not knowing about his choice of teams until we hung out the first time. The front of his house had Michigan stuff all over the place! I stood there in shock, how could I have such poor judgement and not realize this? He wasn’t really in shock to find out I was an Ohio State fan I mean we’re in Ohio that’s completely normal. I was able to put it behind us but in the back of my mind I kept thinking, he's a Michigan fan there has to be more wrong with him right? But thankfully after dating for 4 years, that’s actually the only wrong with him.

I actually wouldn’t even want to change him into an Ohio State fan because it’s too fun. To begin, anytime we go out on Saturday’s people’s reactions are hilarious. Me wearing my Ohio State jersey and him wearing his Michigan jersey, people heckle us like crazy. They always ask “how could you date each other?” and we just laugh. Anytime we go to Columbus or Ann Arbor we always wear the opposing teams clothing and that’s when the best heckling happens. I went to Ann Arbor in my Ohio State t-shirt and so many people gave me looks like I was an alien. But since I’m a girl I think they took it easy on me. When we go to Columbus it is so different, people are not afraid to tell my boyfriend that his team sucks and he should probably throw his shirt in the garbage and I just give them a high 5 and agree. Halloween was the best because we dressed up as Raekwon McMillan and Jim Harbaugh, people went nuts.

Next, is the heckling between us. Honestly, I feel like I enjoy watching sports so much more because I love to be able to pull out statistics that make Ohio State look superior to Michigan, which is pretty easy. Game days we pick on each other so much and then afterwards act like nothing happened, except during the Ohio State-Michigan game, where we tend to keep our distance for a few hours. And when we’re arguing I can just pull out if you were an Ohio State fan you’d understand me better to lighten the mood a bit. Watching games are just so much fun because instead of sitting and cheering together, I get to annoy himwhich is so much better.

Our families are also awesome when it comes to the rivalry. Wearing the other team in front of them is basically a cardinal sin. And don’t even get me started about when my family saw him the first time after the National Championship game, it was great. Then, staying with his family in Michigan, they love to tease me about Ohio State and I actually get to understand what it’s like to be the only Ohio State fan in the room (Sometimes I just have to keep my comments to myself, like saying 30-27). They’re all great sports about it though.

So I guess you could say in this case, opposites attract?