Being sick over break can really be the worst. The plans you had all of sudden disappear and you're not quite sure how to handle it. Here are twelve thoughts that every college student has while being sick over break:

1. I'm sick... again.

If getting used to college germs as a freshman isn't bad enough with avoiding every germ on your hall, there's a high chance you will get sick after midterm or finals season. It eventually gets repetitive enough that once every break approaches, you expect to get sick.

2. When is this going to end?

When is this going to end and how much time do I have to recover before going back to school or travel to go see friends or family is the major question. Depending on the bug, you might be sick for a few days or an entire week.

3. I should get out of bed but just can't.


When sick, you feel like you should at least move locations to not feel as lazy. Maybe try and sleep on the couch instead of the bed to watch tv and walk around.

4. I need food.

It may be hard to get food from the bed, so being near the kitchen at random, sick, eating times is always a must. Or having someone else to bring you food while sick is the bomb!

5. Where is my pet?


When sick, everyone wants their pet nearby the help them feel better and lay on them all afternoon. Animals love to be near you when sick and help you feel better.

6. Please, someone take care of me.

Nothing worse than being sick is learning how to take care of your sick self on your own. When home, you secretly hope someone is around to take care of you, especially on the weekends and evenings.

7. Where on earth did I get these germs?

At, first you feel sympathy for all the others on your hall or classmates who actually got sick while we were all still at school. Next, you start to question where you got this "wonderful germ" from, what it is and how to treat it. You also start blaming others who have been sick and coughed on you.

8. I'm all alone.


You're thinking, "This is exactly how I wanted break to go. Everyone is on a Florida beach and I'm stuck at home looking at all their photos." There's not much else to do alone other than sleep, eat, and watch Netflix.

9. Is this what the next college break is going to be like?

As if being sick over break isn't enough, you all of a sudden become afraid that you will get sick once the next break rolls around. Knowing it might happen again, you build in extra sick days before going somewhere.

10. I must have every medicine possible.

It's so important to have every possible medicine to not go to the store while sick. Cough drops and cold medicine are among the basic necessities.

11. I need a thermometer next to me at all times.

You know it's bad when you have a cold, but even worse if you have a fever. If you get a cold, you take extra precautions and keep the thermometer next to you at all times.

12. Do I really have to do homework?

Do I really have to do homework while sick and stay on top of studying or should I choose to get behind and take time to rest instead? It's a toss-up, but you're better off starting on that grind before you get back from break.

And once you're better, it's time to get back to the grind.