The Music You Need To Listen To If You’re Sick of Your Playlists
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The Music You Need To Listen To If You’re Sick of Your Playlists

Folky, indie, feel good music for those out there who need something new.

The Music You Need To Listen To If You’re Sick of Your Playlists

I love music—all music—rom opera to emo pop, classical to grunge, folk to hip-hop. But despite all the music I listen to, I still find myself getting bored of tunes I’ve overplayed. So this here is my list of songs I’ve found this summer, mostly folky-indie songs, but this is my gift to you. My hope that you find something to rekindle your love of music and that makes you smile.

1. "Lonely People" - Orla Gartland

“Do we have the time to justify/All these sins we try to glorify?”

This song has such a nice beat. It feels like being back in high school and loitering outside grocery store because you didn’t want to go home yet. Orla Gartland’s voice is calm with a calculated amount of angst and drive that gives hope that you are finding yourself in the exact place you need to be.

2. "Paralytic States" - Against Me!

“Paralytic states of dependency/Our waking life's just a living dream/Agitated states of amazement/Never quite the woman that she wanted to be.”

Laura Jane Grace wrote the newest album for the band Against Me! As a way of detailing her transition and this song captures her hope, fear, and restlessness as she beings her transition from her assigned gender to real gender. The lyrics are dripping with emotion, her voice fills your head with power, and the guitar forces you into a trance. This whole album is golden, but this song is by far my favorite.

3. "I'm Alive" - Ryan Sheridan

“I'm alive just a, a bit broken/It's taking everything that's in me just to feel good/I'm alive just a, a bit faded.”

Ryan Sheridan delivers a powerful ballad about getting through hard times and being self-reliant. The guitar carries the beat and gives an overwhelming sense of power and control.

4. "Sleep Paralysis" - Gabriel Bruce

This song is slower, but just as meaningful as the rest. Gabriel Bruce’s voice feels like sleepwalking and every perfected note seems to be coming through the speakers as a prayer.

5. "Bloody Shirt" - To Kill a King

Eerie and thoughtful this song feels like walking down a dark street at four am after too many sleepless nights. The feeling and composition leaves you wanting nothing more than to press repeat.

6. "Wild Heart" - Bleachers

The upbeat power this song has never fails to make me smile. It’s like the end of a dorky teen movie when all the characters join hands and walk off into the sunset. It’s resolution and hope as well as peace and anxiety. It’s perfect.

7. "Trouble" - Halsey

I’m addicted to Halsey. I’m pretty sure I singlehandedly caused her lead in the music polls. I love everything she’s put out but this is my favorite song of hers. It’s so raw and thoughtful, like a cup of coffee too early in the morning. Every note floats across your skin, making you feel exposed and wanting.
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