20 Things People who are Perpetually Sick Know to be True

  1. You aren't quite sure what it means to feel "100%" because you're usually hovering at a solid 80% on a good day. 

  2. Sometimes doing even the simplest of tasks feels like a five hour workout. Can I nap yet? 

  3. Pneumonia? ✓ Bronchittis? ✓  Raging this weekend? I've tried at least.

  4. People constantly ask you "weren't you sick yesterday?" Yes, I was and I still am, but I have a social hierarchy of needs that isn't going to just fulfill itself.  
  5. By some miracle if you are actually not sick, you usually overexert yourself so much that you'll be sick again in a matter of days.  
  6. You worry that your liver can't handle the perpetual mix of antibiotics, Tylenol, ibuprofen and cough medicine.
  7. Tissues have replaced your significant other.

  8. Your immune system feels like its one weekend away from collapsing completely.  
  9. Your dating life has pretty much ceased to exist. 

  10. People actually get disgusted by you. You can't help it if you're coughing, sneezing and being germy.  
  11. You can't help it when every single day feels like this.     
  12. People don't want to hang out with you because they're convinced you are going to give them "the next plague". 

  13. (When in reality they probably gave it to you).
  14. Naps become more important part of your day.

  15. "You don't look sick to me". No, but my kidneys feel like they're failing so there's that. 

  16. Or "you look god awful". Thanks for the pleasant reminder.  
  17. Or the even better " Are you just not feeling well?" 
  18. Or my personal favorite, "But hey! At least you don't have something that's actually bad you know. Like a tumor or something!" I'm not going do dignify that with a response.                
  19. When you finally feel healthy again, it's an emotional experience for you. 
  20. Because by the time you finally get better, your friends will get sick and it's back to square one.

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