10 Ways To Know You're The Ultimate College Football Fan
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10 Ways To Know You're The Ultimate College Football Fan

Because it's more than game day, it's a holiday.

10 Ways To Know You're The Ultimate College Football Fan
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With the fall season approaching, there's only a few things that come to mind when thinking about it: football, football, football.

I don't think there's a time in my life when I can look back and not think about football being a part of it. Everyone I was raised around was born talking about sports and using it as a way for us to eat one, gosh-dang good meal a week and yell for the heck of it. My family and friends gather one day a week and dedicate our lives to eagerly watching our favorite teams play. I don't know if I can decide what I like more, the atmosphere of the game or the game itself. So, for now, and well, forever, I have vowed to never skip a college football Saturday. If you're looking for me, you can catch me cheering from the sidelines and the couch every single weekend.

I can't help but think about what the excitement of the game does or those last few seconds before kickoff. So, here's 10 ways to know that you are, more than likely, the ultimate college football fan.

1. You know every player on your favorite team: If there was a test on it, you'd never worry about failing. You have the roster etched into your head and it won't ever come loose. You know the player's number, where he stands, the line-up for every season past and future, and which player is the best and why.

2. You constantly lose your voice at least once a week: This is actually not uncommon and doesn't make you worry at all. Your neighbors know that when you're screaming, nothing is really wrong - the game is just in full motion.

3. You're still not over last year's loss and you never will be: The last play still echoes in your mind like when you saw it happen, the devastation heats you up when you think about it, and honestly, everyone knows you're never getting over it.

4. You own way too much sports gear: Jerseys, T-shirts, house shoes, stickers, license plates, hats, autographed footballs? You have it all and if it's up to you, they'll all be glass cased. You own so much that there's no way to wear it all in one season.

5. You never miss a game: You know ahead in advance that you won't be making plans on the same day next year and the year after that and even the one after that.

6. You get offended when someone insults your team: Nothing makes you more mad than when someone has something to say about YOUR team. In fact, you've been in several physical altercations and ended some of your past relationships. It's my team or the highway, honey.

7. Your mood for the week is determined by how your team plays: You are either an all-time high or in the worst mood. No in-between.

8. You get mad at the Refs at least twice every game: There's no way that your team can lose. It's impossible. It's not allowed. HOW. WHY. Of course, it's the Refs. They're terrible.

9. You wait all year for football season: You get more excited when the season approaches and it consumes your life in a way that you never thought anything could.

10. Saturday is your favorite day of the week: Does anyone have any idea what today is? Just another day? No way. It's THE day of football. The holy grail day of the week. After all, what's better than game day?

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