Ayesha Curry Will Upset #BlackTwitter Again, And Other NBA Playoff Predictions
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Ayesha Curry Will Upset #BlackTwitter Again, And Other NBA Playoff Predictions

My 2016 NBA Playoff Predictions

Ayesha Curry Will Upset #BlackTwitter Again, And Other NBA Playoff Predictions
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It's that time of year, again! Lebron hairline jokes, Michael Jordan crying memes and Steph Curry hitting half court shots are right around the corner. It's time for the NBA playoffs, which means it's time for Skip Bayless to question the legacy of Lebron James and for the Toronto rappers to choke in the playoffs. Here are my predictions for the 2016 NBA playoffs.

1. The Toronto Raptors will lose in the first round, again.

Disclaimer: I am an Indiana Pacers fan.

With that being said, I still would not pick my team to beat the Heat, Hornets, Hawks, Celtics or Cavaliers in a seven game series. However, I do pick my Indiana Pacers to beat the Raptors in six games. That, alone, should tell you something about what I think of this Toronto Rappers team. In 2015, then, Washington Wizard, Paul Pierce, called them soft before proceeding to smack the Raptors around during their first round series. This year, I plan on calling the Raptors soft and watching them lose in the first round, again. Why? Because they're soft.

2. Twitter will blame Amber Rose for Toronto Raptor's forward, Terrence Ross, decline in play.

Why? Because that's what #BlackTwitter does when it gets bored. Look at what they did to Ciara when Amar'e Stoudemire didn't play well. Look at what they did to Ciara when Russell Wilson didn't play well. Maybe it's Ciara or maybe it's #BlackTwitter. I don't know. Actually, I do. #BlackTwitter likes to blame an athlete's significant other if they are not playing well.

3. Ayesha Curry will upset Twitter at some point during the playoffs.

My girl. Ms. Curry. I don't even know where to start. How about you just stay off Twitter for a minute before you say something else questionable? I'll pray for you...that is, if Twitter doesn't kill you first.

P.S. If Steph ever leaves, you know where to find me. #ShootYourShot2K16

4. The Warriors will sweep the Rockets and the Clippers.

I was going to write a caption for this, but I didn't feel like it was even worth my time having to explain this.

5. Blake Griffin will either try to punch the Warriors equipment guy or Draymond Green during game four of the Warriors-Clippers sweep.

We already know about how Blake punched his equipment manager back in January, so I can already see this happening. Tensions high. Emotions running all over the place. The Warriors are up 25 with four minutes to go and then, bam! Blake fouls Draymond Green hard on a fast break. Green gets up, looks up at Griffin and Blake realizes he doesn't want those problems. Why? Blake wants to be a tough guy, if he's fighting someone six foot or shorter. As a man under six foot, try someone your own size, Blake. You punk expletive, expletive!

6. The Thunder will beat the Spurs in seven games in the second round.

On a more serious note, it's do or die time for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Former NBA MVP, Kevin Durant, will be a free agent this year and point guard, Russell Westbrook, soon after that. It's been four years since their 2012 trip to the NBA Finals and you don't want to be the 1996 Orlando Magic. Even worse, you don't want to be the NBA's version of the 2013 49ers. There is simply too much talent on that team for them not to get back to at least the western conference finals. If they don't at least meet the Warriors in the western conference finals, I don't know how you convince Durant to stay in Oklahoma City past this year.

7. We will get a Heat-Cavaliers Eastern conference final.

Oh, yeah! I can already see it happening. ESPN will run this story to death. Can Lebron's former team stop his run to the NBA Finals? Will Lebron return to the Cavaliers, if the Miami Heat get in his way? Is Luol Deng really grabbing Lebron's private parts as he drives to the basket? Find out next time on Dragonball Z.

8. ESPN's Papi will call Lebron at least 15 expletives during the eastern conference finals.

If you have never seen ESPN's original show, Highly Questionable with Dan LeBatard, you are doing it wrong. The show features my favorite ESPN personality, Bomani Jones, radio show host, Dan Lebatard, and his father, Papi. In my opinion, it is the best show on ESPN. Why? They have Dan Lebatard's dad, Papi. Papi is the biggest Miami Heat fan in the world. Not to mention, he is a Lebron hater, which is redundant to say because I already stated that he's a Heat fan, but you get the message. The best thing about Papi is that he's not a media personality with anything to gain, so he will say just about anything to any athlete. Don't believe me? Here's a video of him calling NBA player, Javale McGee a muthaf*k! on national television.

9. The Warriors will beat the Cavaliers in a seven game NBA Final.

I was so close to picking the Cavaliers to "win one for the land", but I couldn't do it. The Warriors are just too good to pick against them. With that being said, I do believe this will be a tougher series than most expect, provided the Cavaliers are healthy. I say that only because I believe the Cavaliers will not have a series that will go past five games until the NBA Finals. Meanwhile, the Warriors will get the Thunder or the Spurs in the western conference finals and I firmly believe that both of those teams will wear out the Warriors both physically and mentally in a seven game series. Still, I can't pick against Steph, man. He's just too good.

10. Lebron James will not leave Cleveland.

For Lebron James to stay in Cleveland, I think that the Cavs have to take the Warriors to a game seven of the NBA Finals, which I think they will do. As a result, he will stay...I think?

Bonus Prediction: Jeremy Lin will get punched in the face during the Heat-Hornets series.

Recently, Charlotte Hornets point guard, Jeremy Lin, has been on the receiving end of many hard fouls on his way to the basket. Many of those fouls are never called and it's reaching the point where some are starting to wonder, "Is Lin not getting fair calls because he is a Chinese American player in a league where many players feel he is overrated because of his racial and ethnic backgrounds?" Mix those questions with loose cannon and Miami Heat player, Hassan Whiteside, and you have a recipe for someone to get fouled hard or accidentally punched in the face.

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