The Best Christmas Movies For 2023: Ultimate Collection
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The Best Christmas Movies For 2023: An Ultimate Collection

Embrace The Holiday Season With These Classic Christmas Films

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Photo by Samira Rahi on Unsplash

It won't be long until Christmas Day. Blink, and it'll be here. That's how quickly the holiday season can go with all of its famous hustle and bustle.

Don't let the season pass you by without indulging in some Christmas classics. We've lined up the best Christmas movies and other holiday-themed posts to put you in the spirit of the season.

So pour some milk, get out some chocolate chip cookies, sit back, and relax, as you enjoy these magical films.

The Best Christmas Movies

The Top 10 Christmas Movies To Watch This, And Every, Holiday Season

family enjoys watching classic christmas movies together

Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels

Personally, I am of the belief that every movie can be a Christmas movie if you try hard enough, so from one movie loving family to another, here are the top ten Christmas movies to watch this season. So, go make yourself a cup of cocoa and turn the TV on! Merry Christmas! [READ ON]

11 Christmas Movies You'll Remember If You Were A 2000s Kid

child enjoys christmas season with parent


Christmas is the best time for nostalgia, and we could all use some warm and fuzzy feelings. As a kid who grew up in the 2000s, I can think of some of my favorite staple Christmas movies. If you're looking for recommendations or just a walk down memory lane, check out the list below. [READ ON]

I Don't Care If I Can Predict How It Ends, I'm Still Watching All 40 Hallmark Christmas Movies

young prince and princess in a christmas classic


If you've seen one Hallmark Christmas movie, you've just about seen them all. There's usually some workaholic who just isn't feeling the Christmas spirit this year. They go on a trip to a foreign country to write a news story, have some huge task at work to complete before Christmas, or just run into somebody by a complete and total accident. [READ ON]

9 Reasons 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' Is THE Best Christmas Movie

classic car scene from national lampoons christmas vacation movie

Warner Bros.

Every year my family and I watch "Christmas Vacation" at least ten times. We've been doing this since I was ten too. We've actually gone through two DVDs of it because we have played them so much. My dad could probably quote the entire movie and not miss a beat. This movie holds a special place in my heart and is arguably the best Christmas movie of all time. [READ ON]

8 Netflix Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday Season That Are WAY Better Than Hallmark Movies

young couple kisses in christmas movie


I love a good Christmas film and have recently discovered Netflix ones. Each of these are filled with holiday goodness, and will surely put you in the Christmas spirit. If you've already seen all the Hallmark films and have gone through your classic collection of old DVDs, these should be next on the list! [READ ON]

Every Movie In Freeform's 2019 25 Days Of Christmas, Ranked

tim allen acts in the santa clause movie

Walt Disney Pictures

The holiday season is upon us, and Freeform has released this year's 25 Days of Christmas schedule. Beginning December 1, you can watch all of your favorite Christmas movies every single night. But if you can't afford to devote every night to Freeform, don't stress. This official ranking will help you narrow down which movies are a must-watch. [READ ON]

Bonus: More To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

50 Quotes From Your Favorite Christmas Movies To Bust Out On Instagram

national lampoons christmas vacation

'Tis the season for posing in front of a camera and posting it to any and all social media - especially Instagram! The holiday season, from Halloween to New Year's, provides us with a large array of puns and clever captions to choose from each time we upload something to the TL. Of course, we want to make our mark and share what we did during the most wonderful time of the year. [READ ON]

13 Holiday Episodes Real Christmas Enthusiasts Will Watch On Netflix BEFORE December 25

michael scott dressed as santa claus


Halloween is over and it's time to get in the holiday spirit! Not there yet? Totally OK! Don't want to be bothered with a movie marathon of Christmas classics? That's fine too, you can get into the Christmas spirit with your favorite TV shows. Whether you like to binge-watch or take your time there is a Christmas episode for you! These episodes will for sure put you in the mood to get festive and excited about the holidays. [READ ON]

The 12 Songs of Christmas

magical snow falls during christmas season

Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash

Let's face it: All Christmas songs are great, some are better than others. These are the top 12 Christmas songs ranked and judged the way they should be. Enjoy the countdown! [READ ON]

A Christmas Song For Every Situation This December

Photo by David Beale on Unsplash

The main reason for this is that there is a Christmas song for every single mood you could possibly be in this holiday season. [READ ON]

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