Why "White Christmas" Is The Best Christmas Movie Ever
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Why "White Christmas" Is The Best Christmas Movie Ever

Who could compete with Irving Berlin?

Why "White Christmas" Is The Best Christmas Movie Ever
Strand Capitol Performing Arts Center

1. It isn’t even a Christmas movie.

Despite the name, White Christmas is about a famous performing duo, Wallace and Davis, finding love while doing an old Army friend a favor he'll never forget.

2. Betty is a strong female figure and really is miserable throughout the entire thing.

Unlike most female characters in Christmas movies, Betty is a strong and fearless woman. She hates getting tied up in her sister Judy's schemes and doesn't let any heartbreak get her down. This number in of itself is a huge "f-you" to Bob. (Even though it's under false pretenses.. watch the movie to find out for yourself!)

3. Those.freakin’.dresses.though.

Not only are Betty and Judy phenomenal performers, their outfits are TO DIE FOR. These dresses in the Sisters number are some of my favorites. They have that classic 1950's-60's feel and the light blue color compliments both women so well. Besides, did you see how the blue makes Betty's eyes sparkle?! Truly stunning.

4. Bing Crosby’s voice is gold

Nothing beats the smooth sound this guy makes whenever he opens his mouth. Bing's voice melts like butter and can bring anyone to tears really. This man is such a talent and this movie was truly made to highlight his talents.

5. The dance numbers are phenomenal.

White Christmas doesn't just rely on celebrity appearances and good music. The choreography in the film was run every single day for hours on end. The technique and flair that the cast adds to the not-so-basic routines brings an even more outstanding level of artistry to an already amazing aspect to the movie.

6. Said dance numbers are followed by super sweet and sentimental moments.

Despite the fact that Bing Crosby was so much older than Rosemary Clooney, their good times made all audience members swoon. This song melted the hearts of all viewers of the movie and it embodies just a few of the many "aww" moments the movie has.

7. Danny Kaye.

Need I say more? This man's comedic timing and talent made this movie not only heart-warming but utterly hilarious. His bits are some of my favorite simply because of how well executed they all are. Plus, he's an amazing singer and dancer so really Kaye's the whole package.

8. Irving Berlin’s score is PERFECTION.

Berlin's mesmerizing harmonies made the score of this movie one of the best. Everything was exact and executed well. From Bing's dazzling solos, to the complex parts in "Snow", you can't find one musical flaw in the entire movie.

9. Her VOICE.

I think we all felt the same way Bob Wallace did when this woman spoke. Her voice pierces the ear, and while she speaks very little in the movie, she's one of the most memorable characters just because of three words.

10. Vera-Ellen made it in the movie even though all of her singing was dubbed over by Trudy Stevens. Girl can dance though.

Ahh Old Hollywood. If you were pretty and were good at really one thing, they figured out how to make things work for you. Vera-Ellen is the queen of tap and regardless of her lack of singing talent, her dances are hypnotic and are part of some of the biggest numbers in the show.

11. And this gem of a number.

This is seriously the best part of the entire movie, hands down. Those laughs and hits are completely authentic and totally improvised which makes the whole thing even better. You're welcome for making you smile!

12. It still shows a cute Christmas-y message.

You can't have Christmas in your movie title if there isn't some message of love or togetherness. And besides, those children are adorable.

13. And, like, who didn’t cry during this part?!

If you didn't sob when Waverly got this beautiful surprise then you don't have a heart.

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