19 Happy Habits To Make It Through The Bad Days

Some days it's all a bit too much. Some days, the weight of the earth and voices of doubt are much louder than the gentleness or softness that can be found. As talked about in a past article, anxiety, sadness, hopelessness, can all be sparked by the heaviness of the world, by excessive worry, by the continual loop of overthinking. We have been gifted, however, with ways to cope and peaceful places to rest when worry captures our hearts. I hope these tips and practices allow you to find more peace in your daily life, and please know that pain is never permanent.

1. Listen to music that understands you.

Make playlists upon playlists upon playlists. Find songs that you resonate with, that calm you, or that help speak out against your fears. No matter the emotion, music is a wonderful way to not feel so alone.

2. Listen to music that pumps you up.

You know the songs I'm talking about; throwbacks, mindless bops, even some rap. Here are one or two playlists that help pump me up. Find music that gives you that rush.

3. Tea and coffee.

Brew it yourself and drink it all in, literally. My dad always tells me that coffee connects people; think about that. If you're not much of a coffee person, try out different teas that suit your taste.

4. Talk to those who understand.

Not just whoever is listening, not the vast realm of people to tweet out or post to. Speak with those who really get you, to your core. Those well-acquainted with you, your past, how you love, and what you need. These are the people who will simply be, presently there to empathize and to listen; they fill your soul even after they've left.

5. Play music, or sing.

Singing can be very therapeutic. And even if you don't play an instrument or aren't musically inclined, learning to play can pose a happy challenge; it feels so rewarding. One of the most wonderful feelings is teaching yourself how to play or how to sing.

6. Read some good 'ol books.

Good books immerse you in their story seamlessly, and they keep you. They are a healthy escape. Go to a bookstore, new or old, and find a cover that speaks to you. Read the little excerpt on the back, skim through the pages, and see if it would be a good fit.

7. Read poetry.

Many times in my life I have found poetry that spoke on my circumstance. Poets write to understand and unravel human emotion and experience. Try poetryfoundation.org or even Tumblr, and see what you can find.

8. Write it out.

Write it out even it's ugly or angsty or emotional. No one needs to read or know your words but you. Words are a healthy release.

9. Go out.

Sometimes it's so easy to sit in your worry or sadness that you forget that there are entire worlds out there. Sometimes it just takes a change of perspective. If you're not okay with going on your own, make plans to meet with someone who understands your anxieties and will be patient with you.

10. Lemon water.

Something silly but easy. And hey, maybe add some mint, or try different fruits. It makes you feel fancy as heck and I heard its a good detox, or something.

11. Learn how to cook.

Even if your specialty is breakfast food, you're teaching yourself to become more independent. Watch some YouTube videos and try your best!

12. Put together a cute outfit.

Save some inspirations of outfits you like, I find a lot of cute ones on Tumblr or Instagram. Wear what you love; comfy and cute is the way to go. Wearing clothes you feel good in can translate to a confidence boost.

13. Light some candles.

I discovered candles over the winter and have been in love ever since. Never underestimate the power of a good candle, really. Lavender and lemon is a great scent.

14. Watch sunrises and sunsets.

It feels good to push yourself to get up early if you aren't typically a morning bird. Take it all in and take a deep breath.

15. Take a walk and/or exercise.

Honestly, listen to some rap and get out there. You'll feel powerful and strong afterward.

16. Doodle a little.

You don't have to be an artist to create. Just doodle what you love; nature, people, quotes or song lyrics. Hang them around your room and create a soft vibe.

17. Read Psalms.

The Psalms are God-breathed, raw poetry. They don't leave out human struggle and empathize with every emotion under the sun.

18. Think of yourself as a human, rather than a failure.

I cannot stress the importance of healthy thought patterns more. It may take time for you to get into the habit of processing these new thoughts, but with time they will settle and you will begin to live them out. You'll mess up, but find grace in God, knowing that He is abundantly more.

19. Think of yourself as strong, rather than weak.

Fake it until you make it. Confidence is a habit to be formed. You contain so much beauty and worth, and I promise that you will make it through.

I hope these little tips help ease some of your anxieties, and that they will allow you peace in life.

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