A Heart Healthy Recipe by Danielle Lupo
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Health and Wellness

A Heart Healthy Recipe by Danielle Lupo

Danielle Lupo, Former playboy bunny turned Frontline healthcare worker and premed student's heart healthy 3 ingredient 3 step lentil soup!

A Heart Healthy Recipe by Danielle Lupo
Allison Pine

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Allison Pine

Danielle Lupo is an American model, Pre Med student, and working Certified Cardiographic Technician (CCT).

Working and studying in healthcare field for almost 10 years now, Danielle has acquired a great deal of experience, knowledge and skills.

She keeps herself pretty busy these days mostly working on the frontlines of the covid pandemic and online schooling, working towards a doctorate program.

Her time at home is pretty limited, so she tries to stick to the healthiest and easiest recipes, as possible. As a pescatarian herself, Danielle needed to get creative with her diet.

She found that lentils are a wonderful super food, providing such nourishment from vitamins to minerals, to being a great source of fiber, potassium and folic acid, all which are essentials for heart health!

Danielle promises you will be pleasantly surprised with this easy and delicious, hearty-heart healthy dish!


Allison Pine

Here is Danielle's 3 step, 3 ingredient, 1 pot lentil soup recipe:

I make sure I have a box of chicken broth, you can even use vegetable broth, to cook the lentils in for extra nutrition and flavor, make sure you pay attention to the sodium level and choose a less sodium option to stay heart healthy...

One package of mirepoix, which is a chopped up mix of fresh carrots, onions and celery...

And of course a bag of lentils, usually a 16 oz bag...

First, you'll want to sauté the mirepoix in any cooking medium you choose,

I always cook with the always famous extra-virgin olive oil which is also heart healthy...

Then when you have sautéed your carrots onions and celery mix, you'll want to add your broth and lentils.

Bring everything to a boil and then lower the heat, cover and simmer for at least 45 minutes letting the lentils expand and soften, stir periodically and add about 1.5 to 2 cups of water if needed for more of a smooth and soup-like texture...

When the time has passed and you achieved the right consistency, (pictured in pot) you may take a taste and season accordingly if you like, (pepper, garlic powder, tumeric, etc...for this dish is very customizable)...

Serve and Enjoy!

Allison Pine

Photos by Allison Pine.

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