It seems like most things I've read lately are negative or trying to pit one group of people against the other. With so many forces trying to push everyone farther and farther apart, why not work a little harder and try to pull everyone closer together? There are an infinite amount of ways to be kind and spread love every day, but here are 50 to help you get started.

1. Give someone an intentional compliment. 

2. Check up on a friend you haven't talked to in a while. 

3. Eat lunch with your coworker who always eats alone. 

4. Babysit (for free) for your overworked mom's friend so she can catch a break.

5. Buy a homeless person lunch. 

6. Pay for the person's food behind you in line at your favorite lunch spot. 

7. Volunteer at a local nonprofit. 

8. Let someone who's in a hurry skip you in line.

9. Leave your waiter a generous tip whenever you can. 

10. Be a good listener. 

11. Give away clothes/shoes you don't use anymore. 

12. Send a "thank you" note to someone who inspired you in the past. 

13. Call your parents!

14. Leave money taped to the vending machine for the next person to use. 

15. Plant a tree. 

16. Do something thoughtful for your sibling. 

17. Invite someone new to hang out with you and your friend group. 

18. Help clean up, without being asked.

19. Encourage a friend or family member who needs it. 

20. Pick up litter as you walk. 

21. Give someone a ride if you have a car or scooter. 

22. Make food for someone in need a meal.

23. Help someone who has been overwhelmed lately with their chores/errands.

24. Buy someone a simple treat such as a candy bar or ice cream cone.

25. Tell someone you care about them. 

26. Tell someone you love them. 

27. Tell someone why you love them/care about them.

28. Watch the tone of your voice to make sure you're always kind. 

29. Visit a sick friend (and maybe even bring them some soup). 

30. Go volunteer at a nursing home. 

31. Always say "thank you" and smile. 

32. Put change in a parking meter for someone when it is about to expire. 

33. Pay someone's bus fare. 

34. Give up your seat for someone who needs it more. 

35. Follow through on your commitments. 

36. Pay for a stranger's toll. 

37. Genuinely ask people how they're doing (and being prepared to listen). 

38. Smile at children. 

39. Remember someone's birthday. 

40. When someone invites you to do something and you can't, be sure to make it up to them. 

41. Share your pens/pencils with someone who needs one. 

42. Donate blood. 

43. Write meaningful "thank you" notes. 

44. Smile more often. 

45. Donate your hair to make wigs for people with cancer. 

46. Treat everyone with respect. 

47. Let someone else sit in your favorite chair. 

48. Let someone else win. 

49. When someone does something well, point it out. 

50. Try not to complain about anything. 

It's the little things that mean the most to people. It is highly unlikely that you or I could ever do something to truly change someone's life, but incorporating little things such as these can help improve other people's days and overall happiness -and your happiness as well.