8 Ways You Can Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey Right Now!

8 Ways You Can Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey Right Now!

Looking to start a Kickstart Weight loss Journey?

With over 6 months into the new year, you’re probably like many other people who have found yourself evaluating yourself to determine if you have lived up to your new years weight loss resolution. Maybe you, like many others promised yourself that you would lose 10 lbs by mid year or perhaps maybe you said you would start eating healthier and now that mid year has arrived you haven’t done any of the things you have set to achieve. While it may be discouraging to be midway through the year and still not seeing weight loss, theres still hope for your journey. Here are five ways you can kickstart your weight loss journey right now.

1. Eat Breakfast

Source: Greatist.com

Contrary to popular belief, skipping meals is not the way you lose weight. In fact, if you skip breakfast alone you are risking your ability to kick off your metabolism each day. Skipping breakfast causes your body to operate at a slower pace and the slower your body moves the more chances you are to overeat during the day. Dietitians recommend that when eating breakfast that you eat balanced, high fiber grains that also include fruit and protein.

2. Snacking Between Meals

Source: Womenshealthmag.com

Many people assume that eating in between meals could cause you to gain weight but in fact the total opposite is true but only if you’re eating healthy snacks. If you’re a busy 9-5 person or entrepreneur you may want to pack your snacks into small one serving containers to insure you’re not over consuming. Even over-consumption of the good stuff could lead to over eating.

3. Ask For Take Home Containers Before You Eat Out

If you are a person who usually overeats when you go out to dinner, ask for a to go plate before you begin your meal. This will make it easier for you to avoid overeating especially now that restaurant portion sizes are continuing to increase in size.

4. Eat With Your Non-Dominant Hand

Source: Vorply.com

This may seem a little odd but that’s the point. Eating with your non- dominant hand will not only be uncomfortable but it will stop you from eating too much during your next meal.

5. Drink Water

Source: Psu.edu

Most people don’t drink enough water during the day. Not even the biggest athletes in the world. Staying hydrated is not only great for your health but it’s also a great factor in helping you feel full especially when you’re experiencing hunger pains. Some experts even suggests that when you drink water as oppose to other high calorie drinks, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to be saved from empty calories. If you still are unsure how many glasses of water you should drink each day, start small. Consider drinking one glass of water with every meal and snack you have throughout the day.

6. Eat Whole Grains

Source: Livestrong.com

If you're having a hard time determine what types of foods you should eat, consider whole grains with low sugar. This will easily have you feeling much fuller while consuming less calories. It is also a great way to help your body in its’ fight against heart disease and other health problems.

7. Add in 10 Minutes of Physical Activity

Source: Girlsspecial.com

Studies have shown that adding 10 minutes of exercise in your day can jumpstart your weightless journey practically overnight. Additionally, exercise has also been known to have a positive impact on your metabolism. Bear in mind however, just because you are exercising more does not mean it’s now time for you to start eating more cupcakes.

8. Remember Why You Started

Ever heard the popular slogan, mind over matter? The same is true when it comes to weight loss. If you want to insure that you are losing weight at the pace you would like, remind yourself of exactly why you started your weight loss journey. Did you start because you wanted to be healthier? Did you start because you wanted to live longer? Whatever that reason is, continue to recall that one reason especially on the days that you feel like giving up.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, losing weight can be the beginning of your best life yet and how you handle it is solely in your hands.

Cover Image Credit: Weight loss Journey

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College As Told By Junie B. Jones

A tribute to the beloved author Barbara Parks.

The Junie B. Jones series was a big part of my childhood. They were the first chapter books I ever read. On car trips, my mother would entertain my sister and me by purchasing a new Junie B. Jones book and reading it to us. My favorite part about the books then, and still, are how funny they are. Junie B. takes things very literally, and her (mis)adventures are hilarious. A lot of children's authors tend to write for children and parents in their books to keep the attention of both parties. Barbara Park, the author of the Junie B. Jones series, did just that. This is why many things Junie B. said in Kindergarten could be applied to her experiences in college, as shown here.

When Junie B. introduces herself hundreds of times during orientation week:

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When she thinks people in class are gossiping about her:

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When she doesn't know what she's eating at the caf:

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When she gets bored during class:

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When she considers dropping out:

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When she finds out she got a bad test grade:

“Then my eyes got a little bit wet. I wasn't crying, though." (Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus, p. 17)

When she isn't allowed to have a pet on campus but really wants one:


When she has to walk across campus in the dark:

“There's no such thing as monsters. There's no such thing as monsters." (Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed, p. 12)

When her boyfriend breaks her heart:

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Cover Image Credit: OrderOfBooks

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Your Health Journey Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Perfection takes time.


When you first start to do something, you have all of the motivation in the world to accomplish that goal set out in front of you, especially when it comes to being healthier. The problem is as you continue through this journey and food and laziness kick in, motivation slips. It's human, and it happens to everyone no matter how physically strong they are.

Trying to be healthier doesn't always mean losing weight. It can be so your knees don't ache as much, so you don't feel as out of breath climbing stairs, or any goal you have set for yourself. Being healthier is personal and different from person to person.

I will be the first to admit that there are plenty of changes I would love to make about myself. From my weight to my body type and many other things about myself inside and out. I am by no means the most confident person about how I look, but I have worked hard for the past year to be an overall healthier person.

Becoming healthier isn't about looking thinner or fitting into a specific size of clothes. It is about taking care of yourself from eating better to working out more. There comes a feeling of confidence in what your body can do if you put a little love in it.

Perfection takes time, and I know firsthand how frustrating trying to be healthier can be.

Pizza tastes so much better than salad. It is so easy to fall into a rhythm of something that seems never to change whether that is your weight or your mile time. Sadly, you can't build a city, or become healthier overnight.

We see people who are thinner, curvier, smarter, faster, and so much more than us. We all waste time comparing ourselves to people around us and on our timelines, but some of our biggest strengths are our individuality and the gift of getting back up after falling down.

All I can say is, please don't give up on your goal of being healthier because this is solely for you. We can have a great support system in the world and have everyone in our corner, but that isn't enough.

You need yourself. You need to know that if you don't entirely put yourself in this journey, then you won't fully succeed. Your commitment to bettering yourself can keep you going even if you want to give up.

Your motivation may not be at its peak level right now, and you may have every cell in your body screaming at you to quit. Don't do it. Prove to yourself that you can keep going no matter what. Not giving up will be worth it. The results and taking the hard way will make you a stronger person inside and out.

You can do this. You can do anything you want to accomplish if you just believe in yourself. You need to understand that becoming healthier takes endurance. There will be periods where you slow down and may not be going at your fastest pace. The difference is that you are not giving up and you are still trying and moving.

Don't treat becoming healthier as a sprint: short term and quick. That mentality will only leave you feeling deflated and defeated. It is a life-long marathon of pacing yourself and pushing yourself further than ever before.

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