8 Ways You Can Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey Right Now!

8 Ways You Can Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey Right Now!

Looking to start a Kickstart Weight loss Journey?

With over 6 months into the new year, you’re probably like many other people who have found yourself evaluating yourself to determine if you have lived up to your new years weight loss resolution. Maybe you, like many others promised yourself that you would lose 10 lbs by mid year or perhaps maybe you said you would start eating healthier and now that mid year has arrived you haven’t done any of the things you have set to achieve. While it may be discouraging to be midway through the year and still not seeing weight loss, theres still hope for your journey. Here are five ways you can kickstart your weight loss journey right now.

1. Eat Breakfast

Source: Greatist.com

Contrary to popular belief, skipping meals is not the way you lose weight. In fact, if you skip breakfast alone you are risking your ability to kick off your metabolism each day. Skipping breakfast causes your body to operate at a slower pace and the slower your body moves the more chances you are to overeat during the day. Dietitians recommend that when eating breakfast that you eat balanced, high fiber grains that also include fruit and protein.

2. Snacking Between Meals

Source: Womenshealthmag.com

Many people assume that eating in between meals could cause you to gain weight but in fact the total opposite is true but only if you’re eating healthy snacks. If you’re a busy 9-5 person or entrepreneur you may want to pack your snacks into small one serving containers to insure you’re not over consuming. Even over-consumption of the good stuff could lead to over eating.

3. Ask For Take Home Containers Before You Eat Out

If you are a person who usually overeats when you go out to dinner, ask for a to go plate before you begin your meal. This will make it easier for you to avoid overeating especially now that restaurant portion sizes are continuing to increase in size.

4. Eat With Your Non-Dominant Hand

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This may seem a little odd but that’s the point. Eating with your non- dominant hand will not only be uncomfortable but it will stop you from eating too much during your next meal.

5. Drink Water

Source: Psu.edu

Most people don’t drink enough water during the day. Not even the biggest athletes in the world. Staying hydrated is not only great for your health but it’s also a great factor in helping you feel full especially when you’re experiencing hunger pains. Some experts even suggests that when you drink water as oppose to other high calorie drinks, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to be saved from empty calories. If you still are unsure how many glasses of water you should drink each day, start small. Consider drinking one glass of water with every meal and snack you have throughout the day.

6. Eat Whole Grains

Source: Livestrong.com

If you're having a hard time determine what types of foods you should eat, consider whole grains with low sugar. This will easily have you feeling much fuller while consuming less calories. It is also a great way to help your body in its’ fight against heart disease and other health problems.

7. Add in 10 Minutes of Physical Activity

Source: Girlsspecial.com

Studies have shown that adding 10 minutes of exercise in your day can jumpstart your weightless journey practically overnight. Additionally, exercise has also been known to have a positive impact on your metabolism. Bear in mind however, just because you are exercising more does not mean it’s now time for you to start eating more cupcakes.

8. Remember Why You Started

Ever heard the popular slogan, mind over matter? The same is true when it comes to weight loss. If you want to insure that you are losing weight at the pace you would like, remind yourself of exactly why you started your weight loss journey. Did you start because you wanted to be healthier? Did you start because you wanted to live longer? Whatever that reason is, continue to recall that one reason especially on the days that you feel like giving up.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, losing weight can be the beginning of your best life yet and how you handle it is solely in your hands.

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An Open Letter To The Girl Trying To Get Healthy Again

"I see you eating whatever you want and not exercising" - Pants

Dear girl trying to get back in shape,

I know it's hard. I know the hardest thing you may do all day is walk into the gym. I know how easy it is to want to give up and go eat Chicken McNuggets, but don't do it. I know it feels like you work so hard and get no where. I know how frustrating it is to see that person across the table from you eat a Big Mac every day while you eat your carrots and still be half of your size. I know that awful feeling where you don't want to go to the gym because you know how out of shape you are. Trust me, I know.

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The important thing is you are doing something about it. I'm sure you get mad at yourself for letting your body get this out of shape, but life happens. You have made a huge accomplishment by not having a soda in over a month, and those small changes are huge. I understand how hard it is, I understand how frustrating it is to not see results and I understand why you want to give up. Being healthy and fit takes so much time. As much as I wish you could wake up the day after a good workout with the 6 pack of your dreams, that just isn't the reality. If being healthy was easy, everyone would do it, and it wouldn't feel so good when you got there.

Remember how last January your resolution was to get back in the gym and get healthy again? Think about how incredible you would look right now if you would have stuck with it. The great thing is that you can start any time, and you can prove yourself wrong.

Tired of starting over? Then don't give up.

You are only as strong as your mind. You will get there one day. Just be patient and keep working.

Nothing worth having comes easy. If you want abs more than anything, and one day you woke up with them, it wouldn't be nearly as satisfying as watching your body get stronger.

Mental toughness is half the battle. If you think you are strong, and believe you are strong, you will be strong. Soon, when you look back on the struggle and these hard days, you will be so thankful you didn't give up.

Don't forget that weight is just a number. What is really important is how you feel, and that you like how you look. But girl, shout out to you for working on loving your body, because that shit is hard.

To the girl trying to get healthy again, I am so proud of you. It won't be easy, it will take time. But keep working out, eating right, and just be patient. You will be amazed with what your body is capable of doing.

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The Importance of a Good Nutrition to your Body

A good nutrition is important for a good health and wellbeing of our bodies. The foods and drinks we take should contain all the nutrients needed for a proper functioning of our bodies.

Why is nutrition so important?

A good nutrition is important for a good health and wellbeing of our bodies. The foods and drinks we take should contain all the nutrients needed for a proper functioning of our bodies. These nutrients include proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and essential fats. For an optimum nutrition, you need not neglect the right combination of the nutrients. A proper diet is important from the early stages of life for growth. This makes nutrition a basic requirement for a healthier and longer life to all humans.

Provision of Energy

Apart from nutrients, foods and drinks provide other components which are vital to our wellbeing. Food provides energy to keep us going through our daily routines and other nutrients which are essential to our bodies. Lack of proper nutrition leads to a poor health lifestyle which makes it difficult to achieve weight loss goals for those intending to.

Body Growth

A good nutrition helps maintain an ideal body weight preventing obesity in humans. It ensures adequate nutrition,especially to lactating and pregnant women. It improves growth of children to fulfill their genetic potential. It helps in building immunity to deficiency diseases’ and diet-related disorders. This has led to an emphasison a food-based approach to help in attaining an optimum nutrition. Without a good nutrition, it may lead to malnutrition,especially in children. This occurs especially if one’s body is not sufficiently serviced by the food they are consuming. There is need to eat different foods under different under certain circumstances to help improve our nutrition.


Nutrients are a source of nourishment to our bodies and play a big role in maintaining a healthy life. Low-fat foods lower the risk of heart diseases, foods rich in calcium keeps your bones strong and doing away with excess fats, sugars, and refined carbohydrates prevent blood sugar fluctuations. To increase blood flow to your brain, you need to main a proper nutrition. Apart from a good nutrition water is also an important component in maintaining a healthy body. Drinking a lot of water daily is important because of it aids in transporting nutrients and elimination of waste in the body.

Body Weight Maintenance

One cannot talk about the importance of nutrition without emphasis on how it contributes to weight loss since it’s a challenge many people are facing due to the lifestyles they have adopted. Maintaining a good health includes cutting down on the calories we eat daily, eating smaller portions which compose of the right proportions of nutrients, choosing meals which are low in fat and lastly learning on better ways to prepare food for a healthier diet. Many people fail to grasp the notion of weight loss that diet quality is more important than diet quantity at any point in food consumption.

Lastly, this emphasises the importance of a good nutrition in our daily lifestyle. To curb all the problems brought by bad eating habits one must follow good dietary habits. Proper nutrition doesn’t need you to starve yourself rather than to eat a balanced diet.

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