8 Things You Know If You're The Token Liberal Of The Family

8 Things You Know If You're The Token Liberal Of The Family

You really aren't the black sheep.

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As the election gets closer and closer, it is likely that everyone has formed an opinion about who they are going to vote for... and yes, that includes the family. And while it's nice to just think of your parents as a piggy-bank and a shoulder to cry on, they have their own views too, and sometimes they SUCK! So if you're a liberal in a family of conservatives, you learn a few things along the way to help you live with them.

1. You are different...

No matter how hard you try to fit in with your family, you will find yourself having different viewpoints than most of them. AND THAT'S OKAY!

2. ...but they will tell you that you're wrong.

It doesn’t matter how right you think you are, they disagree. And they think they are right. Always.

3. For the most part, you just don't bring up politics.

Unless you want to fight, keep quiet about your political views. When they bring it up, you try not to get flustered and ignore their comments, but it can be hard, so just think happy thoughts.

4. Pick your battles.

There are some things you can’t NOT argue about. Most things, actually. But regardless of how much you want to argue, it’s usually not worth it.

5. But seriously, hold your tongue in public places.

There is nothing more awkward than people staring at you as you explain to your parents why everything they just said is wrong. (It’s even more awkward when you’re in the middle of a red state and everyone else thinks you’re wrong, too).

6. You will be mocked for being a “bleeding-heart liberal.”

This common term isn’t something that necessarily offends me, but the problem is there is nothing to respond with! (If there is something that conservatives are commonly referred to as, I must have missed the memo.) I certainly think a lot of things, but most of them aren’t appropriate (sorry Dad).

7. You will never change their minds.

It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them or how many facts you have, they believe what they believe. Not for lack of trying, I haven’t convinced my family that I am right on a single issue. NOT ONE.

8. They are your family….you have to love them anyway.

You may disagree with them on what feels like everything, but if you need them, they have your back.

Being the odd one out can be tough, but as you sit down with your family for holiday meals, just remember, regardless of how many heated arguments you may get into, your family is still there for you.

No matter what.

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