8 Reasons Why Self Love is SO Important

8 Reasons Why Self Love is SO Important

Why knock yourself down when it's beneficial to build yourself up?


In the past few years, our media has given teenagers, both male and female, unrealistic beauty and body standards. We see this in some celebrities and models. This creates an unnecessary poor body image and low self-esteem in teens. A poor body image could eventually lead to poor mental health. I cannot stress enough that self-love and confidence are SO important!!!

1.Self-love creates happiness

If you are able to love yourself and turn your flaws into assets, you will be happy.

2. Self-love creates confidence

When you love yourself you build up confidence in yourself and what you do. Confidence is sexy and it's key to present yourself with confidence.

3. Self-love creates a positive body image

If you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are and that you love your body, you'll start to believe yourself.

4. Self-love allows you to have a healthy mindset

A healthy mindset is so important and being able to be comfortable with yourself is even better!

5. Self-love helps you in the classroom

The confidence that comes with self-love will make you more confident in all you do, including school work.

6. Self-love helps in athletics

Again, the confidence aspect allows you to work harder to become the best you can be; self-love is also increased.

7. Self-love decreases stress and anxiety

You won't be worried about getting stuff done because you're superwoman and you get everything done. Why? Because you're content with yourself.

8. Self love looks goregous on you!

You can tell when women have that level of confidence and they show apprciateion about themselves. It's not selfish, it's brilliantly beautiful to be happy with yourself and who you are!

Spread the love and positivity, ladies! :)

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