It’s a new year which means for the next couple of weeks everyone is going to be talking about what they’re going to the gym or their cutting people out of their lives for no reason other than they just think that they’re going to make friends that are different than their current ones. To be honest if you really want to start going to the gym more often start in a weird month like March and If you dealt with people for a whole year what is the purpose of randomly stopping talking to them?

Honestly, who cares but maybe you should think of making the following resolutions.

1. Eat out less.

Stop spending so much money on food. One, it’s not good for you and two, you’ll probably save more money to do other things.

2. Drink less.

First, if you're underage you shouldn't be drinking at all so there’s no reason not to do this. Second, if you you are of age, drinking less will again help you with money but also help your liver because you are getting older and everything is slowly deteriorating and there are other things to do in life other than drinking every weekend.

3. Stop bingeing television shows.

One thing that may be the hardest to do is to stop binge watching television shows no matter how interesting they are. Maybe the reason you never have anything to watch is because you go through an entire season of a show in 2 days. Slow it down and stretch it out.

4. Read a book.

Instead of binge watching a television show read a book. They’re just like television shows but make you use this thing called you’re imagination in order to visualize the story you're reading even if it is an autobiography.

5. Adopt a dog/cat.

You don't have to adopt an animal obviously, but if you're thinking about getting a dog or cat this year follow the motto “Adopt don't shop.” There are many animals abandoned in need of home and while it may seem appealing to get a cute little puppy or kitten, giving a home to a dog or cat who was neglected and needs it may feel even more invigorating.

6. Clean out your closet.

Chances are you have a bunch of clothes that you don't wear. If you clean out your closet and find items you don't want or wear you can donate them or even sell them to someone or thrift stores and make a little money. You should chose to donate though, because there are people who need them.

7. Lie less.

If you decide to disregard any of the previous resolutions, the one thing you should at least do is lie less. The major issue with many relationships and friendships is the great amount of lying that goes on in them which is too much. Try telling the truth more such as if your friend looks a mess in an outfit don't tell them they look nice. Obviously there are times when lying is probably better but there are few of them. Just try your best to lie less.

You could try to eat healthier or volunteer more but that requires a lot of work and being persistent which no one is really good at anymore. Trying these little things could prove to make your year a little better. If you can do this than maybe you could move on to the bigger ones as mid-year resolutions.