There are more important things to know about your crush than his style or her curves. Are you both on the same page?

1. Where are they from?

2. Do they have siblings?

3. What do they want to do with their life?

4. How well are they educated?

5. Do they plan on moving anytime soon?

6. Do they plan on moving in the future?

7. What are their political beliefs?

8. What about their religious beliefs?

9. Are they willing to accept your beliefs?

10. What do they define as cheating?

11. How do they define a relationship?

12. How do they feel about holidays?

13. How do they feel about birthdays?

14. What genre of music do they like?

15. What's their favorite movie if they have one?

16. What's their favorite thing to learn about?

17. What's a hidden talent they have?

18. What's their favorite restaurant?

19. What's their favorite fast food joint?

20. Do they do drugs?

21. Do they smoke weed?

22. Do they smoke cigs?

23. Do they vape?

24. Do they drink?

25. How heavily do they drink?

26. How often do they drink?

27. Would they be willing stop, or change their habits for you?

28. How do they feel about social media?

29. How do they feel about PDA on social media?

30. How do they feel about PDA in general?

31. How much privacy do they need?

32. Do they expect you to give them your phone password?

33. Do you expect them to give you theirs?

34. How often do they text you?

35. What are their work hours?

36. What are their school hours?

37. What days are they available?

38. What times are they available?

39. How much do you expect to communicate with them when they're at work or school?

40. How do they feel about friends of the opposite sex?

41. Are they over their ex?

42. How did their past relationships end?

43. How many past partners have they had?

44. How many people have they engaged with sexually?

45. Have they been tested?

46. What's their relationship like with their parents, or family?

47. What methods of birth control do they use?

48. Do they drive, and have a car?

49. How often do they need to spend time with their friends?

50. How do they feel about you?