Early 2010's Youtubers You Forgot Existed – From the Vidcon And Beautycon Days
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Early 2010's Youtubers You Forgot Existed – From the Vidcon And Beautycon Days

From collab channels like O2L to Digitour and Beautycon influencers.

Early 2010's Youtubers You Forgot Existed – From the Vidcon And Beautycon Days

Remember around 2010 when you first got a laptop and Youtube was starting to grow. Maybe you were the type of person who went to every Digitour, Beautycon, Vidcon, or Magcon – or the type of person who binged watched videos every day. Regardless, these are a few of the first "influencers" in your life, and the people who have helped make Youtube the platform it is today. These Youtubers were people who you grew up watching, living vicariously through, and learning from. So which Youtube creator helped you to survive your pre-teen and teen years and where are they now?

1. Bethany Mota


From life hack videos to back-to-school hauls and recipes, Bethany's "Motavators" were worldwide. At her peak, she interviewed President Barack Obama and had her own clothing line at Aeropostale. Also showcasing her singing and dancing through a single titled "Need You Right Now" and as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. Mota continues to make an occasional Youtube video and recently conducted an interview with former Vice President and Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden. However, her presence on social media and in pop-culture is not as prominent as it was from 2013-2015.

2. Zoella


This beauty vlogger who was known for her tutorials and relationship with fellow YouTube, Alfie Deyes hasn't been on Youtube in over two years. However, Zoella, also known as Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, has become a published author and partnered with Ulta and ColourPop Cosmetics to create a line of beauty products. Zoella has also created two different editing apps – Film App and Template App – which total nearly 200k followers on social media. Zoella is still is active on Instagram and other social media, but besides being a reoccurring guest on Alfie Deyes' vlogs, Zoella has stayed away from Youtube. Oh and yes ... Zoella and Alfie are still dating!

3. OurSecondLife – O2L

While Kian, JC, Ricky, Trevor (Trevi), Sam, and Connor are still going strong with their personal Youtube channels, O2L has been disbanded since 2014. The six still occasionally come together but are busy with their own personal ventures. OurSecondLife was one of the largest collab channels during the beginning stages of Youtube, even going on a nationwide tour before parting ways. However, the six members have proven to the Youtube community that they are better off apart.

4. Tyler Ward


Originally gaining traction when he appeared in covers on Kurt Hugo Schneider's Youtube, Tyler Ward was known for his covers and original songs. Tyler still occasionally posts songs to Youtube but has focused his time and energy on releasing new music on streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. He has less of a social media presence than his fellow Youtube stars, but recently became more active on his Instagram.

5. Caspar Lee


Caspar was known for his pranks, challenges, and skits which continued until 6 months ago. He hasn't officially left Youtube but has only posted once in 2020 while still remaining active on social media. Caspar is friends with some of the most famous Youtubers – even being roommates with Joe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, and Josh Pieters throughout his career. His collaborations with his fellow creators and more sought-after celebrities helped him to grow into the Youtuber and influencer he is today.

In addition to Youtubers who have set aside Youtube for other endeavors, many creators continue to post videos on a regular basis. Here are a few of those Youtubers you grew up with who you can still find either multiple times each week or multiple times each month on the platform.

1. Joey Graceffa

2. Jennxpenn

3. Meredith Foster

4. Tyler Oakley

5. Aspyn Ovard

6. Claudia Sulewski

7. lohanthony

8. Meghan Rienks

9. Jenna Marbles

10. thatsojack

11. Lauren Elizabeth

12. Krazyrayray

13. Shane Dawson

14. MissRemiAshten

15. ayydubs

16. Andrew Lowe

17. LaurDIY

18. grav3yardgirl

19. Kurt Hugo Schneider

20. Alisha Marie

21. Amanda Steele

22. Alfie Deyes

23. MayBaby

24. Rclbeauty101

25. Sawyer Hartman

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