Youtube As a Career
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Youtube As a Career

Youtube has become a career now

Youtube As a Career

Yes, we all know and love the people who live to make content for us. Whole companies have sprung up to handle the demand for online content, such as Buzzfeed, our very own Odyssey, and Youtube. I would have to say that Youtube started it all; it created the demand for the online content by providing not only content that entertained us but people that we love.

Youtube started up in 2005 by Mr. Chad Hurley, Mr. Steve Chen, and Mr. Jawed Karim in San Mateo, California. The first video was titled “Me at the Zoo”; it lasted for 18 seconds and spoke about elephants. It grew so quickly that in November of that next year Google bought the company for $1.65 billion.

Youtube has become such a wonderful place to find content for everyone; from fandom to cooking to advice on life you can find great quality content for everyone! Comedy seems to be the most popular content for most; in fact the first successful Youtuber was Fred Figglehorn. He is a comedian known for his quick but hilarious content. Fred Figglehorn is considered the first successful Youtuber by many because he was the first to reach a million subscribers.

Now many Youtubers have reached a million subscribers, and consider it a sign of a true Youtuber to gain a million or more subscribers. The Top subscribed to Youtube accounts are, PewDiePie, HolaSoy German, YouTube Spotlight, Smosh. This just goes to show how diverse Youtube is, PewDiePie is known as a Youtube gamer, and Smosh a comedic duo.

Being a Youtuber is such an undefined job description that many don’t know what the job entails. It usually starts off as just making videos they liked to create, then people start to take notice, until they start to do it as a career. However this still leaves a lot open to each and every person who wishes to do Youtube as a career, you can be a gamer, a beauty expert, or even a fangirl. There are people who want to watch content you create.

Many people feel that Youtube is not a really career, which is most likely due to the misunderstanding what at least some Youtubers do as work. It is work and any work is good work. Youtubers that have spoken on the subject such as The Gabbie Show, have let gone over what they do to keep their job as a YouTuber.

Youtubers often cite that they never have time off, they often go on a crazy filming and editing schedule in order to take time off during the holidays or if you are vlogger you just work through the holidays. Also how up-to-date they need to be events that are going on in the world in order to create relevant content. They also have to not only stay up to date, but also update all of their own social media, all their content. Their job relies on so much creating and relevance on their content in order to keep up the viewing they created.

I understand that many people don’t feel that Youtubers have real jobs due to the diversity as well as how quickly the job has developed over a few years. However looking at the all that they do to create such quality content and the fact they share so much of their lives to connect to their audience. Some the most successful Youtubers are the ones that share their life and care about their audience.

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