Recently, many people have jumped on the Shane Dawson bandwagon. With his very popular docu-series on Jeffree Star and the mess that was Tana-con, he is more beloved than ever before. What some people seem to forget is that Shane Dawson has been on YouTube since the very beginning and has continuously stayed on top. Shane Dawson is one of the very few people on YouTube who has managed to remain relevant as long as he has.

Shane Dawson at one point was actually posting videos four times a week. A lot of full-time YouTubers have a tough time just getting up one video per week. Not only did he have an amazing upload schedule, but he has managed to have two books published over his career called, "I Hate My Selfie" and "It gets worse." You can't say he isn't a hard worker.

If you are a true Shane Dawson fan, you have been with him during his different phases, such as his Sha-nay-nay phase or during his phase where he was either "galaxy-ing" everything or putting anything he could get his hands on in a waffle iron. His content has been a roller coaster, to say the least, but we love how he keeps us on our toes.

I personally think that one of the main things that attract people to Shane Dawson, besides the fact that he is hilarious and relatable, it that he is extremely humble. There are a lot of big YouTubers who act as if they are A-list celebrities and think that they are too good for the world. Shane is someone who is very nice to everyone who crosses his path. There are times that he comes across as someone who doesn't even know they have a massive fan base.

Maybe part of Shane's humility comes from his humble upbringing. Shane is someone who is always honest and vulnerable with his viewers. He let us in on the details of his childhood that were far from ideal. It is no secret that Shane has had weight issues all of his life. Not to mention his family also did not have very much money and grew up with an alcoholic father.

When you survive such circumstances and are finally able to provide an amazing life for not only yourself but your family, it makes sense that you would be more humble than someone who was born privileged or someone who was just given their success without having to work for it. It is also important to note that the person who raised him, Mama Dawson, is the sweetest human being alive.

As far as I know, Shane Dawson is the most genuine and real person that I know on YouTube or maybe even on social media in general. He cares about his fans and makes it known. Shane shows so much love and vulnerability for his fans to the point to where we feel like we know him personally. At times, we may even feel as though we are right there with him when we are watching his videos. Most importantly, for the past ten years that he has been on YouTube, Shane has always put a smile on our faces. Whatever you may be going through, he can effortlessly force a smile on your face.