Top 5 Badass Female Youtubers
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Top 5 Badass Female Youtubers

Warning: the following content is filled with BADASS women doing amazing things.

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Youtube is a platform that allows anyone to share video content with the world. This is a liberating concept, and the content that I regularly enjoy is an important part of my life. From this platform, I have found five amazing women who inspire me daily and who all, without even knowing my name, have changed my life in one way or another. These women show other women and girls around the globe that it is OK to be yourself, it is OK to struggle and get back up and try again and that girls can literally do anything and will take over the world one day. Each of these women has a different place on the platform and all reach different audiences, but they do have one thing in common: they create badass content and inspire change in others.

1. Kalyn Nicholson.

Youtuber, podcaster, author and blogger, Kalyn Nicholson is the epitome of "badass." While, yes, she does post fashion and makeup videos along with her self-care and self-help videos, she does so because she is always her authentic self. Her content is always so conversational and it is is so refreshing—watching one of her videos is like having a peaceful conversation that leaves you feeling more mindful, positive and ready to kick the day's ass.

Kalyn is also very open about her mental health struggles. She often discusses how she handles and tackles her anxiety and depression and shares that with her subscribers. Her podcast and blog, in my opinion, are what make her even more badass. Tackling three different platforms and styles of media is impressive, but, the content she provides makes it even more so. Through her podcast and her blog, she helps women everywhere to be happier in the life and skin they are in. Topics she has used to drive her podcast and blog include: how to be a beginner, how social media affects our self-compassion, how to be a party for one and so many more. Her content to me is so real yet to down to earth and filled with love and a true desire to help others. That compassion and desire to help combined with her openness about mental health makes her incredibly badass.

2. Lilly Singh.

Comedian Lilly Singh spreads positivity, girl love, self-love and so much happiness to her subscribers. As a Youtuber listed under the 100 most subscribed channels, her following and reach is very wide, so she does her best to keep the energy positive. While she is a badass Youtuber, she is also an author, UNICEF good will ambassador, actor and entrepreneur. Lilly has toured the world spreading her message of happiness, self-love and positivity, and damn does she do a good job of instilling that in others.

Through her online content, she addresses serious issues, whether they are political, social, ect., and uses humor to share her views. Her message is always pro-people, and she fights for the rights of other people. I think what she does is absolutely astounding. Not only does she create content for her followers online, she has recently launched her own production company where she will be directing and producing content that others wish to share; she will be able to tell the stories of those who have been silenced and ignored, and she has shared her excitement for freeing these stories with the world!

Aside from being pro-people, she is also adamant about women supporting other women, and launched the GirlLove campaign/movement. She works to show girls and women that supporting one another isn't weak, it isn't wrong and it is the only way that women will keep being badasses and pushing their way to the top of the food chain.

3. Katy Bellotte.

If you're like me, then you think of a traditional Youtuber, you think of college-aged people sharing their college experiences and feelings; from dorm hauls to Q&A videos. Katy Bellotte IS this Youtuber—but with a twist (and a blog to match). While she did share four years of college-related content, it was the most real I had ever encountered. She was so open about her relationships, her evolution with her self and her self-worth, her feelings about f*ck boys and so much more. But always with an eloquent and authentic voice.

Katy Bellotte's videos were always so beautifully crafted (can you say badass cinematography?), and aside from that, so insightful. Because she is so real, she is vulnerable with the content she shares on the internet to millions of viewers, and she helps other girls understand that they are not alone in the very-real struggles of college students. We fight different battles, but they are real and relevant, and Katy is the voice for that. Katy's content is on this top 5 list because of how she talks to her subscribers; she has passion and compassion, but she doesn't shy away from the real nitty-gritty of life.

4. The Sorry Girls.

This pair of incredible Youtubers tackle cliche feminine art, DIY and show the world how badass women can be with a saw (and other power tools I know nothing about). By sharing their craft/carpentry/design skills with their followers, they empower women everywhere to pick up a tool and build something! They provide in-depth online tutorials and show people that women can be just as awesome, if not more-so, than men at all things building. Because of their light hand and amazing skills in decor and design, they make functional and beautiful pieces that your average women (who isn't afraid of a hand saw) can make.

By one-upping simple DIY Youtubers, they have opened the eyes of so many viewers to their own capabilities and love of a good build, and have inspired thousands on thousands of women to start actually doing it themselves—not relying on men or pre-made things. By women taking building in to their own hands, they will see how badass and independent they can be, and The Sorry Girls help others do exactly that.

5. Meghan Rienks.

Meghan Rienks breaks through many molds of the "traditional" fashion and lifestyle Youtuber. Yes, she does hauls and favorites of the months. Yes, she launched her own clothing line dedicated to supporting women (super badass). But she also talks about sex, acne and all other things considered taboo and turns it in to a normal conversation (with some humor added to it, of course). Meghan's content and platform allow women and girls to start talking about topics that actually matter, and works to provide a safe space for real conversation and growth. Meghan has shared her struggle with mental health with her viewers as well, and is a huge advocate of self-care and love, and not letting those mental health monsters win.

Through her content on Youtube and her podcast, she is able to interact with her followers and provide an open space for people to ask questions/get advice and openly discuss some issues that people shy away from. Her inviting attitude and humorous spin on things takes away from the embarrassing or awkwardness that comes along with growing up and the questions that follow, and I am HERE for it.

These 5 women are all badass for different reasons. No, being able to build a step stool or review your fashion faves does not make you badass. However, reaching thousands and millions of people each week, spreading positivity, self-love and happiness and being able to help women and girls see that they are worthy of an amazing life: completely badass.

Until next week friends!

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