YouTubers Make Going Back To School Easy
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YouTubers Make Going Back To School Easy

As summer comes to a close, how can millennials use their digital world to get ready for college?

YouTubers Make Going Back To School Easy

August is coming to a close and whether we like it or not, school is right around the corner. This bittersweet time should consist of getting ready for the upcoming semester, but sometimes escaping the summer mindset can be impossible when we’re still spending every last summer day lying on the beach.

Luckily we live in the 21st century, where the Internet makes even getting ready for school easier. Many YouTube vloggers dedicate these last few summer weeks to back to school-themed video series where they tackle on everything from DIY dorm décor to college frat parties. Their videos serve as quick and fun guides that will ease you back into school mode in no time (and may even have you wishing classes actually started tomorrow). We’ve rounded up seven essential videos filmed and created by our favorite YouTubers that you need to watch to make this semester your best one yet. Scroll down for some serious back to school inspo!

1.Subscribe to Bethany Mota for school-inspired life hacks: Getting through the school year is no easy task, and with jam-packed schedules and assignments piling up each day it’s easy to mess up. In this video, YouTube sensation Bethany Mota gives you tips on how to handle running late to your 8 a.m. class, how to freshen up your smelly gym bag, and how to make sure you’ll never forget when you have class. Subscribe to her channel for more back to school videos, DIY projects, and clothing hauls.

2.Subscribe to Chloe Cori for college backpack essentials: We’ve all been there: the awkward moment when we sit down for class and realize we forgot a pen, paper, and maybe even our brain back in our dorm room, and it’s too late to run across campus to get them. This video gets straight to the point and lists everything that we should carry in our backpack at all times. Subscribe to Chloe Cori to see her entire “Back to School Week” series and get more tips on how to succeed in college.

3.Subscribe to Evelinato create an efficient yet stylish college wardrobe: Trying to look fashionable for class every morning is a struggle when sleep deprivation starts to kick in and wearing pajamas to class becomes socially acceptable on campus. But you don’t need to worry about choosing style over comfort when you pack the right college wardrobe. In Evelina’s video she lists the top 10 essential pieces you need to pack right now to have a fashionably effortless semester. Subscribe to her channel to make your every day fashion easy.

4. Subscribe to Kathleen Lightsfor simple back to school makeup tutorials: Sometimes makeup can be harder than organic chemistry, so achieving a perfect all-natural look to wear to class is no simple feat. Kathleen Lights, a 22-year-old beauty guru, breaks down step by step a simple and fresh beauty look perfect for class. She uses only drug-store products making it an affordable way for everyone to look their best even when on a college budget. Subscribe to her channel for makeup tutorials for every occasion.

5. Subscribe to Haley Cairo for a girl's guide to college parties: A huge part of the college lifestyle that is hard to ignore is the partying. This video provides a different perspective on the college party scene as Haley Cairo shares her tips for making sure you stay both classy and safe if you’re ever in an uncomfortable situation. She explains that no one needs to sacrifice self-respect in order to have fun. Watch this video and subscribe to Haley’s channel to see her get real in more of her “Girl Guide” and advice videos.

6. Subscribe to Lindsay Jordanfor college dorm organization: Trying to get everything to fit in a small dorm is a stressful process but with the right storage tricks anyone can double the space they have. Lindsay Jordan speaks from experience as she goes through what she’s found to be the most helpful storage options and organization tricks for a dorm. She skips the basics and gets right to essentials that you might’ve forgotten to pack. Subscribe to her channel for more super exclusive college advice.

7. Subscribe to My Life as Eva for DIY dorm décor: Nothing is better than starting off each school year with a blank slate and that is exactly what a new dorm room gives us (have you seen those plain white walls?). Decorating your dorm is a fun way to explore your personality and get creative. Watch Eva spice up her dorm room with these cheap and easy DIY projects that are more than just pretty personalized décor. Subscribe to her channel for a wide range of lifestyle, beauty and fashion videos where Eva’s personality shines through.
Now that you’ve gone through exactly what you need to take on this semester you can go back to soaking in every last ounce of the summer sunshine and pretending college doesn’t exist.
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