20 Things to Do When You're Bored
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20 Things to Do When You're Bored

Get up off that couch and try something fun!

20 Things to Do When You're Bored

Hey you! Yes, the one scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... basically any social media that you have downloaded on your phone. Bored? There are so many better things to do with your time than sit on the couch and watch HGTV (although that option isn't always a bad one). Here's 50 examples for you, couch potato .

1. Read a book

There are so many great books out there. Need a few recommendations? Go for a classic like The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald or pick up something a bit more modern like Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.

2. Craft something!

I love to craft, and if you are in need of something to do, grab your hot-glue gun and some construction paper and spend a half hour by yourself! You might just end up with something like this:

3. Go for a run

Sometimes, the best cure for boredom is to just go outdoors and clear your head. Take a jog by your park, or around the school track, or down to the grocery store to buy chocolate chip cookies...

4. Sing some cheesy karaoke in your bedroom

It's basically the key scene in any movie revolving around a high school teenage girl. She's got a hairbrush in her hand, pop music blaring in the background, and she's most likely bouncing on her bed. But did you ever stop to think about trying it yourself? It's surprisingly amusing, and you might just realize that you're a secret superstar.

5. Bake something

There's no better boredom buster than sliding on some oven mitts and baking something sweet for yourself. Whether it's cookies, cake, or this mouth-watering skillet brownie , baking is sure to get you off your feet and having fun!

6. Write a short story

Maybe you aren't the writing type , maybe you are, but regardless, sitting down with a pencil and a notebook is probably the oldest activity to combat boredom there is. Minus killing animals for food, probably.

7. Clean your room

You're lying if you say your room is in perfect condition. So get up off the couch, grab a duster and get to cleaning!

8. Go on a coffee run

Coffee is the cure to all of life's problems. Whether you prefer Dunkin' Donuts , Tim Horton's or Starbucks , hop in the car and order your small/medium/large/tall/grande caffeinated beverage.

9. Go for a drive

If you have your license, this is one of the best ways to rejuvenate yourself. Drive to your grandma's house, drive to get that coffee I just mentioned, or just drive! If you've got that radio playing, or your favorite road trip playlist, you'll be sure to forget why you wanted to sit on the couch in the first place!

10. Apply to write for the Odyssey!

Nothing will keep you busier than writing an article every week! It keeps you from being bored, and also is rewarding (mentally and financially!).

11. Make a list

Whether it's a list of things to do, a bucket list , or your grocery list, organizing yourself is one way to keep yourself very busy!

12. Start up a garden

Buy some seeds, fertilizer, soil and a watering can, and you're already halfway there! Find a boring patch of land in your yard and start a nice spring garden! Or add some fairies and now your garden becomes a bit more magical!

13. Sign up to do volunteer work

If you have extra time, what better way to get rid of it than to give it to someone else through a helping hand! There are so many organizations you can use to get involved, like Red Cross, your local food pantry, or Habitat for Humanity.

14. Start a paint-by-number

Maybe the last time you've done one of these was in your childhood, and maybe you aren't artsy at all, but paint-by-numbers are the one easy way to pretend you're artistic and make yourself a new wall decoration.

15. Make some healthy fruit popsicles

There are many benefits to this option. You get a delicious snack, you get to be healthy, and you get to use that special fruit blender you got two years ago for Christmas and haven't touched.

16. Give yourself a new manicure (and a matching pedicure if you're feeling ambitious!)

Use that color you've always wanted to try, or use that Instagram nail art tutorial that you've had saved forever. If you find yourself particularly bored, give yourself a foot bath too!

17. Workout

Possibly the most tiring option of them all, working out is the one that will give you the most benefits. Not only do you burn calories, but you'll release endorphins that make you feel great!

18. Force your siblings/friends/parents to play a board game with you

Family time is the best time, but if your family won't cooperate, friends will do! Pull out a game of Monopoly, Twister, or Risk--but only if you want to destroy every relationship you have.

19. Teach yourself yoga

Yoga is extremely calming and is a good way to keep yourself occupied when you find yourself very bored. Look up basic poses to start, but eventually try some more complicated ones as you become more advanced.

20. Succumb to the couch potato attitude and binge-watch an entire season of a show on Netflix

Whether you like Friends, Grey's Anatomy , or One Tree Hill , give in to your boredom and take some time for yourself. Splurge and watch an entire season (or just a few episodes!).

So if you're stuck in a bored slump, get up off the couch and be productive with one of these 20 options!

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