One of my biggest pet peeves is procrastinating. I hate putting things off, and would rather get things done as soon as possible rather than later. I’ve always done my best, but every now and then I find myself falling into this trend. However, during these lazier times I often like to do something else that is productive even if it’s not what I’m supposed to be doing at the moment. So whenever I put off a job application or homework or any other sort of responsibility, I think of something that’s on my to do list and get it done instead. This is what I like to call “productive procrastination”. So when you’re putting something off, here are some helpful and productive things you can always do instead:

1. Cook a meal for yourself, or for later in the week, or someone you love.

2. Learn how to write a check.

3. Get your finances together.

4. Do laundry.

5. Clean your desk.

6. Chat with a friend or family member that you haven’t talked to in awhile.

7. Go to the gym.

8. Take a relaxing bath or long shower.

9. Go through your closet and throw out some clothes you don’t wear anymore.

10. Start binge watching a show that you haven’t had time to start.

11. Call your mom or dad. They will appreciate it!

12. Write in a journal.

13. Take a nap.

14. Go to a dog park.

15. Go for a walk.

16. Read a book.

17. Start planning a surprise birthday party for a friend/significant other.

18. Go to Michael’s or Joann’s Fabric or A.C Moore, and do something crafty.

19. Fix something in your house that hasn’t been working, but you haven’t gotten around to.

20. Wash your dishes.

21. Learn how to use Google Docs, or Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or any other computer program that would be extremely helpful.

22. Figure out how to do your taxes.

23. Clear up storage on your iPhone.

24. Wipe down your computer screen and clean your cardboard.

25. Get rid of stuff from your exes.

26. Clean out your fridge of stuff you don’t need anymore.

27. Clean out your iTunes library.

28. Redecorate your apartment.

29. Update or create a new resume.

30. Walk your dog, because you are lucky to have a dog and it should be walked!

31. Update your fire extinguisher. If not, get one.

32. Update your first aid kid. If not, get one.

33. Make a list of all things adults should have and see if you do.

34. Make a will.

35. Learn how to sew.

36. Learn how to knit.

37. Learn how to play a musical instrument.

38. Learn a new language.

39. Make some tea.

40. Read the newspaper.

41. Work on your public speaking skills.

42. Learn how to change a tire.

43. Learn how to make a drink or two.

44. Iron some clothes.

45. Plant a garden or buy some plants to keep in doors and tend to.

46. Plan a nice date night for your significant other or next date in the future.

47. Find a new hairstyle like a cute updo or learning how to braid your hair.

48. Learn CPR.

49. Learn how to light a fire.

50. Do something to treat yourself because you deserve it!