I Am So Excited For The Next 1975 Album
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I Am So Excited For The Next 1975 Album

Why the album 'Notes on a Conditional Form' is my most hyped thing this month.

I Am So Excited For The Next 1975 Album

I guess before getting into my hype for the 1975 album 'Notes on a Conditional Form' (coming out May 22nd!) I should give you all a brief summary of The 1975 for all of those who are unaware. The 1975 is a band based in England led by lead vocalist and rhythm gutter Matt Healey. The band first formed when him and some of his buds started a band they called The 1975. They released a few EP's that got some traction, released a first album that got popular and now they are one of the top bands in the indie scene right now. Their most recent hit, "If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)" has charted on the iTunes chart since it's released. The popularity and acclaim for this band is just growing and growing. I was able to see them live last May and I can tell you it was just amazing and the crowd was massive. It was there that they told us they would be releasing a new album in 2020.

Notes on a Conditional Form is going to be twenty two songs so you could count it as a double album. So it will give us so much 1975 magic. What makes this band so interesting is the way they are able to mesh so many genres. The 1975 has explored different aspects of pop, rock, shoegaze and even metal. The way the band is always able to keep you on your toes is fascinating. When they release a single, you have no idea what direction it will go but all of their songs feel like them. The 1975 have this certain charm and special touch that most bands don't. They are distinctive. While several other artists albums can start to feel familiar after a while, a 1975 album always has new sounds going through it. It will be great to see how they are able to maintain its audience for a 22 song album. I am here for it. I usually am really excited for a movie release at this time of the year. Since unfortunately there's no new releases in July this album is what is going to get me through May and even June. The 1975 is my favorite band making music right now and I'm so excited to see what they have in store.

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