19 Reasons To Love The 1975

The 1975, an alternative/indie rock band from Manchester, England has been blowing up across the world lately. I discovered them almost 3 years ago and ever since then, I’ve been hooked. So, I decided to spread the love and admiration the best way I know how.

Here are 19 reasons why you should also love the 1975…

1. Their lyrics have beautiful meaning to them.

2. Their focus is way more about producing art than it is about producing a profit.

3. Their lead singer is hilariously charming.

4. Their fashion sense is on point.

5. Their career has actually spanned over 10 years.

6. Their name has an interesting story behind it (like most bands, but it just adds to their charisma).

Click the link below to watch "Making sense of 'The 1975'".


7. Their British accents. Enough said.

8. Their stage presence is not only incredible, but also equally unforgettable.

9. Their ability to break through genre barriers; they’re notorious for not defining the band as anything specific.

10. Their ability to address real issues through their music.

11. Their appreciation for lyric-less music.

12. Their passion that undoubtedly shines through their work.

13. Their lyrics and music are 100% produced by themselves, which is very rare nowadays.

14. Their sincerity is almost unparalleled.

15. Their overall attractiveness makes them very easy on the eyes.

16. Their popularity means that people must love them; take that as you will.

17. Their resume is undeniably impressive.

18. Their love and constant source of inspiration from 80s pop is awesome.

19. Their bright future is extremely exciting; we can only expect more great things from them!

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