14 Other Things We Should Be Worrying About
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14 Other Things We Should Be Worrying About

The election isn't the only problem this country is having

14 Other Things We Should Be Worrying About

The election has taken a toll on a lot of people, but it's not something we should be focusing all of our time on. I mean, have you seen some of the other tragic things happening in the world?

1.The Beauty and the Beast trailer

Talk about a problem! The beast isn't even that good looking! How dare they give us a disgusting creature to portray one of the most well-known monsters of our generation. And Chip's bass voice? NOT OK!

2. Last week's Dancing With The Stars elimination

Don't worry, Terra. America is angry, too.

3. Another Kermit meme

Wasn't the tea drinking enough? And now we have him in a suspicious hoodie convincing us to listen to the little devil on our shoulder. Jim Henson is turning in his grave!

4. Thanksgiving isn't for another three days

Isn't the mashed potato craving hitting you so hard right now? And it sucks because you can't have any until Thursday. You don't even get to wake up to it. You have to wait the whole day before dinner.

5. Finals start soon

Pray for your local college kids.

6. I still don't have tickets to Hamilton

I've listened to the soundtrack a million times. I have the merch. Lin's tweets get sent to my phone. BUT I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN THE SHOW!

7. Fantastic Beasts

Beware the super fans.

8. Christmas is so soon

And I bet you don't even have enough money to buy a nice gift for your mom. She deserves the world. And what are you going to get her with no money? A gift card? I'd start to panic if I were you.

9. The Starbucks Cups

They just always seem to be a problem this time of year.

10. We live in a world where we are glorifying a dead gorilla after six months...

Does this one need any explaining? It's been months, and people wrote him in to be the next president. Heroes are remembered, but legends never die. Trust me, we don't need to keep him relevant. He lives in our hearts.

11. Frozen is still too popular

People are still requesting Elsa at their birthday parties. Has it not hit these kids that other princesses exist? And Moana is coming out soon? Cmon, let it go.

12. There's too many new shows to pick from on Netflix

Fuller House season 2. The new Gilmore Girls. Haters Back Off. How do you expect me to pick only one?!?

13. Yik Yak is rearing it's ugly head again

Cue the sad people trying to get lucky and the existential posts discussing if college is even worth it.

14. I'm not Beyoncé

I'm upset too...

This world has just too much to worry about!!

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