13 Signs You're A Golden State Warriors Fan
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13 Signs You're A Golden State Warriors Fan

Dubs up.

13 Signs You're A Golden State Warriors Fan
Bleacher Report

So the Dubs lost in the finals. Yeah, it sucks, and no one wanted to see the arrogance drained out of LeBron James more than I did. But if you're like me, you'll always be a Warriors fan, no matter how bad they play or how often they lose. This is for the true fans out there. You know who you are.

1. You think it's cute that New Yorkers call Manhattan "The City"

2. At first you were wondering why this small kid named Curry was taking playing time away from Monta Ellis...

But then you were like, "Oh."

3. You've been a believer since 2006...

...and now it looks like the messiah has finally arrived

4. So you can't stomach bandwagoners

...although it might not hurt to give Jessica Alba a pass

5. You'll never forget when Baron Davis iced Andrei Kirilenko

..."Iced," get it? Because he's Russian.

6. If you're a real OG you remember going to games at Cow Palace

7. And you're still proud of Sleepy Floyd's performance at the 1987 Western Conference

8. Who could forget Run T.M.C.?

9. Speaking of rap, there are definite benefits to sharing Warriors fandom with the Bay Area's finest poets

10. And while Run T.M.C. may be gone, you know the Splash Brothers are here to carry on their legacy

11. Although this was disappointing

But at least Curry knows what's up

12. It's beyond satisfying to watch Charles Barkley eat his words about the Dubs

Easy there, Chuck.

And perhaps most important of all...

13. You know Draymond is right. LeBron is a f***boy

Oh, Burnnnnn!
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