11 Signs You're An Old Soul

11 Signs You're An Old Soul

"An old soul is not an old soul by virtue of age, but for their patience, self-measure, and joyful gratitude." – Anonymous

Many people associate being an "old soul" with having the habits of an older person. They view old souls as individuals who would rather be in bed by 9 p.m. than go out and party. While this is sometimes the case, this definition is completely wrong. Being an old soul simply means having the perspective and thoughtfulness of an older person. It's as if your soul has lived multiple lives, collecting wisdom along the way. If you have always felt a bit out of place when among your peers or have been noticed for your unique and mature outlook on life, chances are you may be an old soul. In case you're unsure, here are 11 signs that you are, indeed, an old soul .

1. You were always that "weird" kid who enjoyed sitting at the adult's table at Thanksgiving.

Talking about 3rd-grade drama was alright, but growing up, you'd much rather find out what the adults were discussing. And because of your mature spirit and insight, the adults often forgot how old you were and talked to you as if you were the same age. Through building friendships with adults, you learned a lot about life and people. You probably even complained about "kids these days" from time to time.

2. You tend to be on the quiet side, not necessarily because you're shy, but because you're in your head so much.

You're a deeply introspective individual with a rich inner world. Often times you'll find symbolism in random information and ponder it for a while, forgetting the outside world. People sometimes view you as timid, but they don't realize how loud your mind is.

3. You often contemplate the meaning of life.

"Why are we here?" "What is our purpose?" "How can I make my life more meaningful?" These questions are constantly buzzing around in your head. It's simply because you understand how short our time on Earth is, so you want to make it as sweet as possible.

4. You love learning about people's "stories."

Though you might not have the meaning of life figured out, you know that people are a pretty important part of it. That's why you are obsessed with "sonder," which is "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own." You believe connecting with others is essential, that's why you love hearing people's stories. Seeing a glimpse into their lives reminds you how we are all so different, yet the same.

5. There are few people you truly connect with.

Though you may be very people-oriented, there are few people you truly connect with. When you find these people, you hold on to them. And you will do anything to make them happy because you value your deep bond.

6. You're open-minded.

You realize you don't have all the answers and that nobody really does. That's why you strive to be open to new theories, new ideas, and people different than you. You accept people from all walks of life, and you are always willing to learn more about a subject.

7. You're not materialistic.

You believe that there's so much more to life than "stuff." You place value in the important things in life and would rather spend money on experiences to be enjoyed with loved ones than the latest "gadgets and toys." You know that "stuff" usually ends up collecting dust in the attic, but memories last forever.

8. You enjoy the arts of previous generations.

This doesn't mean you dislike modern arts, it just means you appreciate music, literature, art, theater, and film from all time periods. You like how the arts express human nature -- how unchanging it is, how every generation has so much in common.

9. You refuse to settle when it comes to relationships.

You are content being on your own and are not looking to be in a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship. This doesn't mean you are looking for someone who is "perfect" because you know that everyone has flaws. Instead, you are looking for someone who is perfect for you. Someone who brings out the best in you, challenges and inspires you. Old souls want to be in a relationship, but don't need to be in one.

10. You look at the bigger picture.

It's been said that old souls look at life from a "bird's eye view." This could not be truer. When dealing with everyday scenarios, you take in consideration "the grand scheme of things." This has helped you let go of things that don't matter in life and hold on to the things that do.

11. You yearn to fit in yet are content with standing out.

While sometimes it'd be nice to fit in, you are comfortable standing out. You're very secure in your individuality and thankful that you were born an old soul.

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1. Percentage of Americans sexually active?

Men: 86%

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(CBS American Sex Survey 2017)

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Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

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Let Yourself Feel

With pain comes healing

I think everyone to some extent knows that what’s right isn’t always what feels good. Our society constantly pushes things like “Be strong,” and “stay positive,” which gives us the idea that if we ignore whatever “negative” emotions we have, they will naturally resolve themselves and we will be happy. More importantly, It gives us the idea that in order to be socially accepted, loved, or even liked, we have to be happy all the time.

In my opinion, ignoring painful feelings and avoiding conflict is the easy way out. It’s a temporary fix that keeps our true selves hidden in the dark. We may “feel” better or happier by not bringing the hard stuff up, but in the end, you’re just further burying what needs to be brought to the light. People don’t grow in secrecy. People can’t connect on a deep and meaningful level if we’re so blocked off.

This definitely isn’t always an easy way to live. People inherently often feel pride and shame, which is hard to push past. But I would like to challenge you in that. Pushing past your fears and insecurities is the only thing that will truly start to relieve you of them.

When we keep to ourselves and let those fears get in the way of being who we really are or saying something we really need to say, it may feel safe and easy, but all that truly does is deepen the fear of letting people in.

It is human nature to crave connection. We all need to feel like we belong and we all need to feel like we are loved. If you're connected to the people around you on a superficial level, it is impossible to feel entirely and unconditionally loved. If those people don’t know the true you, both the good and bad, down to the core, you will never feel unconditionally loved.

The thought of opening up and risking rejection is absolutely terrifying, but personally, I would rather be with the people who know me to the depths of my soul and accept me for that than those who like me for the accomplishments I’ve made in my life.

When you start to practice letting people in, wholly and fully, despite your fear, you will start to notice a deeper appreciation for the people around you. You will start to notice, that because of your honesty and vulnerability, they have begun to open up a little more too.

Disclosure: It’s not going to feel good. When you start to open up and be honest with both yourself and those around you, you may discover that there are things deep down that you didn’t even know were there. But in that pain comes healing. And by practicing this for yourself, you may encourage others to do the same. This is a revolution that starts from within. It might not be fun, but I promise you, it’s worth it.

Cover Image Credit: flickr

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