An "old soul" is defined as a person who is wise beyond their years. Someone who generally feels secluded from people of their age group, and often finds themselves around others that are typically older. In ways "old souls" are more mature, understanding, and are able to see the world from a different perspective than most, while still acquiring characteristics of their own age group.

I wasn't completely aware of this concept until I turned 18, when one of my co-workers told me how wise I was for my age. For most of my teenage years I was confused of where I belonged, who was actually my friend, and who would one day become a distant memory in my mind. I struggled with finding myself during high school, often just adapting to my environment I felt like a prisoner in my own body. When I first started working, I slowly began to realize that I was more comfortable around adults than most of the teenage population, and often found myself wishing I was at work rather than school.

I always knew something was "off" about my thought process, general interests and hobbies. I wasn't comfortable with myself unless I was around a select few people or I was alone. This all changed when I graduated high school. People continued to tell me that I had an "old soul," and that I shouldn't be ashamed of it.

So let me tell you something, embrace having an old soul. Enjoy doing things that are anything but expected of you because of your age. Admire the little things in life just as you normally would. But most importantly, do not be discouraged. Love yourself the way you are because you are truly a gift to this earth. Do not deteriorate into a crowd of people that you have nothing in common with just to feel like you "belong". Don't let others tell you that you're different because you don't find happiness in the things that are typically enjoyed by your generation.

Your old soul will guide you through life, and with every twist and turn your perspective will change and your wisdom will grow. You'll enlighten the people who enter your life, and you'll make a difference whether it's large or small. The world needs more souls like yours, so do not cut yourself short and disappear into the norm. The world is accepting, loving, and appreciative when you find the life you want to live. So let your old soul flourish, I promise you'll live a happier life.