To The Young Girl With An Old Soul

To The Young Girl With An Old Soul

Having an "old soul" is much more than being wise beyond your years.

An "old soul" is defined as a person who is wise beyond their years. Someone who generally feels secluded from people of their age group, and often finds themselves around others that are typically older. In ways "old souls" are more mature, understanding, and are able to see the world from a different perspective than most, while still acquiring characteristics of their own age group.

I wasn't completely aware of this concept until I turned 18, when one of my co-workers told me how wise I was for my age. For most of my teenage years I was confused of where I belonged, who was actually my friend, and who would one day become a distant memory in my mind. I struggled with finding myself during high school, often just adapting to my environment I felt like a prisoner in my own body. When I first started working, I slowly began to realize that I was more comfortable around adults than most of the teenage population, and often found myself wishing I was at work rather than school.

I always knew something was "off" about my thought process, general interests and hobbies. I wasn't comfortable with myself unless I was around a select few people or I was alone. This all changed when I graduated high school. People continued to tell me that I had an "old soul," and that I shouldn't be ashamed of it.

So let me tell you something, embrace having an old soul. Enjoy doing things that are anything but expected of you because of your age. Admire the little things in life just as you normally would. But most importantly, do not be discouraged. Love yourself the way you are because you are truly a gift to this earth. Do not deteriorate into a crowd of people that you have nothing in common with just to feel like you "belong". Don't let others tell you that you're different because you don't find happiness in the things that are typically enjoyed by your generation.

Your old soul will guide you through life, and with every twist and turn your perspective will change and your wisdom will grow. You'll enlighten the people who enter your life, and you'll make a difference whether it's large or small. The world needs more souls like yours, so do not cut yourself short and disappear into the norm. The world is accepting, loving, and appreciative when you find the life you want to live. So let your old soul flourish, I promise you'll live a happier life.

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I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

Independent Woman - Who Is She?

When I think of an independent woman, I think of a free woman.

This woman belongs to herself and no one else. She is strong and confident. When she walks by people stare at her; not because of her beauty or fashion, but because of her presence. She lets no one dictate her. She works for what she wants. She does whatever she pleases. This woman is wild and graceful.

She moves to the beat of her own drum. She is what Maya Angelo called Phenomenal Woman. She’s every woman who’s thought for herself. Any woman who has ever fought for her life. She’s the woman I aspire to be…

I see myself and I don’t like who she is. I long to become this independent woman. But I can't seem to find her within myself. I think a big problem is that I forgot who I wanted to be as I grew up. I’ve settled for a life that is consistent and ordinary.

I’ve always admired a woman who knew what she wanted out of life. For me, there’s an aura that surrounds these women. It always takes my breath away when I get to see it. This year I’ve made it my goal to figure this out. I think most women are like myself. Lost to the daily grind, lost to their inner soul. And with that, they forget themselves.

They forget what they want in life, what they wanted when they were just kids. I have forgotten, so how do I get back to that little girl who wanted to be Catwoman when she grew up? And I don’t mean Catwoman, the anti-hero, but the woman behind it all. Who stood for ultimate feminine power. She is wise, smart, daring and classy. There are so many more things I could say about her - I could go on all day.

This year I turn 30; the goal is to become this independent woman or at least get close to it. It’s impossible to say I’ll be this woman by the end of the year, which is when my birthday is. But what I can do is take steps to becoming her. Which means working to become a person I like and respect. Becoming my true self. Which also means doing things I’m afraid of, working hard, and trying my best at everything. I made a list of some of the things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the courage to do.


1. Take a ballroom dance class

2. Try out for a play or T.V. role

3. Move to another state or country

4. Learn French

5. Finish writing my book

6. Get my own apartment

7. Learn to skateboard

These are just some of the dreams I had as a child, and some are from when I started to get older. I think if I could capture the kid version of myself and remember who she was, and what she wanted out of life, I would be a lot happier.

I think that goes for everyone, not only women but everyone who has lost themselves. We need to work on ourselves, to become happier, and be the person we want to be.

So, I decided to set myself on fire and be reborn from the ashes. I think that’s the only way to be true to myself - to start over. I don’t know if this will work or not, but I have to try.

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It's Not You, It's Most Guys

Rest in the fact that it's not just you as an individual who is a poor representation of the male gender, it's actually most of you.

Boys. Can't live with them, can't live without them — or, maybe we can.

It's nothing personal when I say this, boys, really, it's not you, it's most guys.

Rest in the fact that it's not just you as an individual who is a poor representation of the male gender, it's actually most of you.

Notice, I said most because I know for a fact there are wonderful guys out there, like the man who raised me, my father.

But, when it comes to most of the guys I've met that are in my same age bracket, let's just say, "don't let the door hit you on the way out."

I'm tired of this societal standard that girls need a man because then, guess what? Guys assume we need them. Guys assume that women need them to make something of themselves, but that's not the case at all.

Every guy I meet automatically assumes that I would just bow down to whatever their life goals and life plans are.

Newsflash: I won't.

There's a difference between compromising and expecting the other person to just up and leave their goals and aspirations in the dirt because you feel that yours are more important.

There's nothing wrong with willingly wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, but most guys just assume that you're going to be OK with that.

That's wrong.

Not every female was placed on this Earth to be a stay-at-home housewife. For those who do it, there's nothing wrong with it, but, like I said, men need to stop assuming that it's their choice whether or not women get to pursue their career goals and aspirations.

Men's career goals are not more important than women's career goals. They're equally important.

So, it's nothing personal when I say I'm not interested, it's just that I'm really not interested in being treated as though I am less than anyone else — especially on the basis of my gender.

Not all women dream of being a mom, but it's OK, it's not just you who thinks that. It's most guys, so you're in good company.

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