100 Things You Could Be Thinking About That Have Nothing To Do With Politics
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100 Things You Could Be Thinking About That Have Nothing To Do With Politics

Here's some things that anyone can think about no matter what party they side with!

100 Things You Could Be Thinking About That Have Nothing To Do With Politics

Political talk has been everywhere. Everywhere. I don't know if you agree, but I'm pretty tired of seeing Donald Trump's or Hillary Clinton's face every time I turn on the TV or look at any form of social media. This is a list of things that you can entertain your brain with that have absolutely nothing to do with politics.

1. What is it about french fries that make them so great?

2. Why would someone buy a shirt at Free People for $128 when they could get something just like it at Goodwill for $5?

3. I wonder what my future spouse will be like?

4. The weather has been kind of bipolar lately.

5. Real talk: is it OK to eat dessert before dinner?

6. Will the Braves ever be good again?

7. How do cats always land on their feet?

8. What do my pets do when I'm not at home?

9. What would my friends and family do without me?

10. There are noticeable differences between dog people and cat people.

11. What's a good random act of kindness to do today?

12. How many times can I watch "The Office" before my Netflix free trial is up?

13. Should I post this just so my ex will see it?

14. The animals that are nobody's favorite.

15. What about the songs that are nobody's favorite?

16. I wonder how many showers I have taken in total during my life time.

17. What if I told him I was in love with him?

18. Is there another earth somewhere in the universe?

19. Could my soul mate be on that earth?

20. Chocolate is always the move.

21. What color should I get my nails done next time I go?

22. Can I get away with not taking a shower?

23. Is it awesome that the barista at Starbucks knows my name or is it embarrassing?

24. Do I look as cute as I think I do?

25. Am I the favorite child?

26. Should I post this Snapchat dog filter selfie?

27. It's my friend's fault for letting me date him. Not mine.

28. Did he get my text or should I resend it?

29. Do my friends only hangout with me for my mom?

30. Should I buy this here or can I find something like it at Target?

31. Is he ever going to ask me out?

32. Should I ask him out?

33. No that's weird. Don't do that.

34. But it's 2016!

35. Were Ross and Rachel really on a break?

36. Is the end of "How I Met Your Mother" seriously that bad?

37. Everyday has the potential to be the best day of my existence.

38. Am I my best friend's best friend?

39. Why hasn't my mom asked where I am?

40. Why does the house always vote out the best "Big Brother" house guests?

41. Can I wear this outfit again tomorrow?

42. Who saw me wear this outfit that would notice if I wore it again tomorrow?

43. Crap is there enough on my card?

44. I wonder what my future husband is doing right now.

45. When are Miss Me jeans coming back in style?

46. What would happen if I punched my teacher right now?

47. Should I actually have that fourth cup of coffee?

48. Did he just hear me call him cute?

49. Oh my goodness cute boy looking at me.

50. Just kidding, girlfriend is behind me.

51. Should I unfollow her because she didn't follow me back?

52. I really need to start working out again.

53. What happened to all of the "American Idol" winners?

54. What is really all on my bucket list?

55. When is the Dab going to stop being a thing?

56. What if I am the song that is nobody's favorite?

57. Can I eat breakfast for dinner again?

58. Do I actually have good taste in music?

59. How many lazy days are allowed a week?

60. How come guys don't wear makeup and are attractive, but girls feel the need to wear makeup to be attractive?

61. Does the family I'm babysitting for right now have cameras all over their house?

62. Am I going to be a cool parent?

63. When are Justin and Selena getting back together?

64. What if a celebrity fell in love with me?

65. Does the extra five minute snooze in the morning really do anything?

66. Yes it does.

67. Why is it so awkward to wave to people you kind of know in public?

68. What if everyone was bald?

69. When is "Pretty Little Liars" going to end?

70. Should I get bangs?

71. When should I ask my ex for my stuff back?

72. Is his new girlfriend an upgrade or downgrade?

73. Downgrade. Always a downgrade.

74. The fact that having 10 toes and 10 fingers is a recessive trait.

75. Whole foods is the best.

76. Chick-fil-A should be open on Sunday one day a year.

77. Who invented words?

78. Why is Pokemon Go still relevant?

79. What would life would be like if technology was never invented?

80. Why does she always have a boyfriend and I am always single?

81. The ratio of famous people in the world to everyone else.

82. How scripted is "The Bachelor" actually?

83. Who discovered popcorn?

84. How freaked out were they?

85. How much further can I really go before running out of gas?

86. Are Lokais legit?

87. Who had the guts to ride the very first roller coaster?

88. When are holograms going to be around?

89. How many grandchildren will I have?

90. What's my favorite thing about myself?

91. Who cleans up road kill?

92. What if we got fruit for Halloween and not candy?

93. There are some people in this world that have never touched snow.

94. Everyone thinks in their own language.

95. How old is Santa?

96. We have only ever seen our reflection or ourselves on camera or video.

97. We will never see ourselves how the world sees us.

98. What if we all had one super power?

99. What version of myself will I be in Heaven?

100. Was this list worth the read?

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