The biggest football game of the year is coming this Sunday. Super Bowl 51 will be held in Houston, Texas. Besides the football and commercials the Super Bowl also means plenty of Super Bowl Parties! Families and friends from all over gather around the TV and watch this highly anticipated game. A Super Bowl party isn't completed without plenty of food and decorations. Are you planning a Super Bowl party this year? If so below you will find 10 awesome ideas for your upcoming Super Bowl Party. Why not try a few and make this year's party the best one yet!

1) Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate covered pretzels are simple yet yummy and will be perfect for your party. All you have to do is buy pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, and some icing! Take each pretzel stick and dip them into melted chocolate chips. Once the chocolate dries you can put icing on the sticks to make them look like footballs

2) "Penalty Flag" Napkins/Holder

This decoration is very easy to make and all it takes is yellow and red napkins and some type of napkin. What ever holder you choose label the napkins as "Penalty Flags".

3) Football Snack Bags

These football snack bags were created by Hostess with the Mostess and are very easy to make. Just grab your favorite snack food, kraft bags, and some duck tape. Then go bag by bag and tape them just like a football. Once you are done all you have to do is fill up the bags.

4) Football Cheese Plate

This flavorful snack was created by Babble. The steps on how to create this snack and ingredients are below.


1 sleeve Toll House butter crackers
1 6 ounce bar marbled Monterey Jack Cheese, cut into slices 1/4 inch thick
1 8 ounce bar sharp cheddar cheese, cut into slices 1/4 inch thick
About 12 to 15 thinly sliced pepperoni
2 slices light colored cheese like plain Monterey Jack

How To

To assemble the platter: Work from the inside out. First, make a small football shape in the center of the platter with the sharp cheddar cheese. then cover it with the pepperoni. Use the light colored Monterey Jack to make the football lace shapes. Then, around this football shape arrange a second layer of the sharp cheddar cheese. Next, arrange a layer of marbled Monterey Jack around the cheddar. Finally, arrange the crackers around the outside. Serve!

5) Mason Jar Football Drinks

This decorative drink idea was created by Hostess with the Mostess. All you will need is mason jars and white duck tape. All you need to do is tape the mason jar in the same patter as a football and drink away! You can even top it off with a party flag. The printable flag link is below.

6) Football Bottle Wrappers

These drink wrappers are so simple yet super cute and were created by Eclectic Momsense! These wrappers are made for mini soda bottles. All you have to do is print them, cut them out, and tape them onto the soda bottle. Here is the printable link below!

7) Football Yard Line Banner

This creative banner was created by Hostess with the Mostess. To make this banner you must print each printable 2 times to make a full banner and string them together.


8) Football Party Photo Booth Printables

Nothing says parties like a photo booth. These sporty printable were created by Sports Mom Survival Guide and the link to the printables are below. Your guest will enjoy being able photograph all the fun from your party.
#1 Fan Link:
Football Eyes:

9) Super Bowl Commercial Bingo Cards

A fun activity for everyone is Super Bowl Commerical Bingo. So print out these fun cards created by Celebrations and get some stamps and watch everyone compete to win Super Bowl Commercial Bingo. The printable link is below.

10) Football Paper Lanterns

Why not have some sporty lighting at your next party? You can buy 3 football paper lanterns for just $8.33 from Zurchers! The link is below.