YouTube has become a new form of entertainment these days and YouTubers have become celebrities.

1. Sierra Schultzzie

Sierra is a body-positive QUEEN. I recently started following her on YouTube after seeing her collab with someone else that I follow and watch frequently.

Most of her videos are about her either going to different stores and trying on clothes that are supposed to be her size or doing a video where she dresses like a fellow Youtuber or celebrity for the week.

I know these types of videos do not sound like they would be interesting, but Sierra does a really good job at highlighting the inconsistency in women's clothes sizes; that a size 12 in one store may fit where a size 12 in another store might not.

She is one of those Youtubers that I wished I would have found as a young high school girl.

2. Alisha Marie

Alisha Marie is someone I have been watching since I was in high school. She has been one of my favorite Youtubers ever since. Her content focuses a lot on Lifestyle stuff.

Some of the most common videos she has are the Trying Weird Food Combinations that People Love and her Roommate Wars series with her sister Ashley. She also has a vlog channel in which she shows more of what her day to day life is like. She also is not afraid to let her viewers in and show that she is struggling with something.

3. Carrie Dayton

Carrie is someone I found with her hilarious and crazy story time videos, but I ended up staying because of how she puts the body positive message at the forefront of her videos.

She's always been someone who I think I would really get along with in real life and be friends with. She's humorous, outspoken, and just so real and genuine.

4. Shane Dawson

Shane started out on Youtuber with videos that were more shocking than real. Everything had some kind of shock value to it. Now he has been doing longer and comprehensive series with different

Youtubers and while he has not uploaded in months, we know he is working on a new series about the beauty community with Jeffree Star and another series. He has changed what content looks like on YouTube and his been praised for the series that he has done. I know I will be watching whatever he puts out next.