8 Small Youtubers You HAVE To Watch
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8 Small Youtubers You HAVE To Watch

Before they have big followings.

8 Small Youtubers You HAVE To Watch

When you find yourself re-watching the same video over and over again, you should check out these 8 youtubers who have smaller channels.

Cody Ko


Cody Ko is for sure my favorite Youtuber ever. You may recognize him from his many famous vines or for his many viral tweets, but his best work lies in his Youtube career. His channel has been growing very rapidly over the past year due to his most popular video getting a lot of attraction. His most popular video, "Instagram "comedians"", delves into Instagram comedy/ comedians and how truly cringe-worthy a lot of those videos are.

Cody also has a series on his channel called "That's Cringe" where he and his friend Noel Miller (number 4 on this list) react to the worst videos youtube has to offer (in their own words, not mine). Cody Ko's sense of humor and his clever humor make him one of the best smaller youtubers to be on the platform. If you need a good laugh, go check out his channel!

Carly and Erin


If you watch David Dobrik's vlogs, you'll probably recognize these next 2 youtubers. Their names are Carly and Erin and they also got their start on vine. They are a part of David Dobriks "Vlog Squad" and are the duo with the least amount of subscribers, which in my opinion, is insane. They have some of the best and funniest videos on Youtube.

Their most popular video, "Vlog Squad Gossip w/ David Dobrik", they go onto a fan account and read all the things the fans are saying about them. They include a lot of the other members of the Vlog Squad in their videos and their humor is sure to brighten your day. If you love to laugh and enjoy watching the Vlog Squad, you should definitely check out Carly and Erin.



Pearl Liaison is a very popular drag queen from the TV show Rupaul's Drag Race. SHe appeared on season 7 of the reality competition show and made it to the top 3. After getting off the show, she ventured onto youtube and is now doing makeup tutorials. She does looks she presented on the show, she does a "no- makeup makeup look", and she even transformed herself into Sarah Jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore.

One of her most popular videos, "The Power of Makeup/ GRWM" shows Roxanne, a character Pearl plays, get into her makeup for the day. It is so funny and really shows how diverse her makeup skills are. Her makeup is very aesthetically pleasing and even if you've never seen a drag queen makeup tutorial or seen Rupaul's Drag Race, you should check out Pearl on youtube.

Noel Miller


Mentioned in the blurb about Cody Ko, Noel Miller is a very small youtuber who has also made a name for himself on Vine. If you watch Cody Ko's videos, you'll notice Noel in a lot of these videos. However, he really shines on his own. His youtuber channel is filled with skits, reaction style videos, vlogs, gaming and even more.

His channel is so diverse and he puts a lot of effort into these videos, which make them very worth watching. He and Cody also have a podcast they do called "Tiny Meat Gang Podcast". They even had Post Malone as a guest in one of their latest podcasts. Noel Miller is funny, underrated, and extremely versatile. No matter what type of video of Youtube you like to watch, you will find a video on Noel Miller's channel you'll love.

Sarah Baska 


If you grew up watching Vines and loving One Direction, you probably are pretty familiar with Sarah Baska. She made a lot of vines pertaining to her love of One Direction and they always were very funny. However, since Vine closed down, she ventured into youtube and has been making awesome videos ever since. She does storytime videos, car vlogs, reaction videos, vlogs, and even sings.

She also transforms herself into celebrities, including Post Malone and Miranda Cosgrove and interviews them as herself. She is another very versatile youtuber who has a video for everyone. Sarah opens up about herself to her audience a lot and you really get to see the type of person she is. She is a favorite of mine and you should check her out no matter what you're into.

Imari Stuart


Imari Stuart is a youtuber who is best friends with a popular storytime youtuber names Tana Mongeau. Even though he is friends with her, he makes his own type of youtube videos seperate from hers. He does reaction, gaming, and skin care videos. His most popular videos include when he went on tour and vlogged his everyday life while on tour.

He is a very high-energy youtuber and every video you watch is destined to put a smile on your face. He also gets very real in some of his videos, including "I came out to my family and now they hate me". He identifies as bisexual and brings up very important topics in his videos and how important it is to love everyone you meet. I really respect him and think everyone should watch his videos.


Courtesy of Lophee on Facebook

This channel is very different than the ones I've talked about before. This channel makes mixes of different lo fi hip hop songs and puts them up with different titles, including "I'm In Love With you, Sorry" and "The first time that I was really scared".

Lo fi hip hop is basically described as hip hop beats calmed down with no lyrics. It's extremely calming and great to listen to when you are studying, trying to sleep, or just hanging out. I totally recommend listening to one of these mixes made by Lophee on this rainy week we have ahead of us.



This is a Youtube account created by a teacher who teaches high school students in Miami. She talks about her daily schedule in classes, she does outfits throughout her week, she does classroom tours, and much more. Even though I'm sure we're all very happy to be out of high school and into college, watching this channel's videos makes me feel very nostalgic and makes me think of some teachers I had in high school.

I really enjoy watching the teachers perspective and seeing how excited she is to teach. If you're interested in teaching or think you might be, you should definitely watch her!

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