You Know You're From Massachusetts When
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You Know You're From Massachusetts When

Being called a Masshole is a good thing.

You Know You're From Massachusetts When

Massachusetts. One of the most beautiful states in the country. Located in New England, Massachusetts is home to many different historical sites and many places to visit. We're known for specific things and specifically known for being "Massholes". But, you know you're from Massachusetts when.....

1. You can't go a day without Dunks.

You have a Dunkies obsession because there's a Dunkin Donuts on every street corner. Wherever you're driving to, you're bound to pass at least 5 on the way. And let's face it, no matter the weather, you're drinking a medium iced.

2. You have the absolute worst road rage.

No matter how clear the road is, you're still screaming about something while driving. Someone's going 30 in a 35? Nope, you're driving too slow. Someone's taking a turn too slow? You begin to scream and most likely beep. Oh and please "Use yah blinkah!"

3. Plymouth Rock is just another rock.

You've probably gone down to Plymouth countless times in your life before and notice the tourists surrounding the Plymouth Rock and you can't help but giggle a bit. Yeah, it's a major part of our history, but we know it's just a rock. And we've probably seen it 50 times by now.

4. They're jimmies, not sprinkles.

No matter how many times someone tries to correct me, it will always be "jimmies". If you say sprinkles while ordering ice cream in Mass, it just doesn't sound right. Unless you refer to rainbow sprinkles and chocolate jimmies, I guess that can slide too.

5. You can pronounce all the town names.


Whether it be Worcester, Gloucester, Scituate, Leicester or Rehoboth, we most likely know how to pronounce it. A lot of people from out of state look at our town names and get stressed out. Yeah, we don't know why most of the letters in the town names are silent, either.

6. It's a rotary, not a roundabout.

Even Google searching "rotary" under images won't show a picture of a roundabout. But, no one from Massachusetts would ever dare call it a roundabout. It's a rotary. Plain and simple.

7. The T isn't referred to as the "subway".

"Subway" is a place we go to get a sandwich; not to ride into Boston. While taking public transportation, we're more than likely to take the T. For me, that means hoping on the Red Line in Braintree and getting off at Park Street.

8. You get asked if you "Pahk the cah in the Hahvahd Yahd".

Yes, we do have some serious problems with our R's sometimes, but no, we do not park our cars in the Harvard Yard. Although we'd like to all say we got into Harvard, most of the students there come from out of state. But, surprise! We park on the street like normal people!

9. You know "wicked" does not mean "evil".

"That's wicked pissah!" is a common saying in Massachusetts. Whenever we use the word "wicked" in a different state, no one understands. They simply believe we're calling something evil. But really, it's just a wicked hard word to get used to.

10. Tom Brady is everyone's dream.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is in love with Tom Brady. He is what holds New England together and we all are counting down the days until he's back in the game. God love ya, Brady.

11. It's a compliment to be called a "Masshole".

There is no better feeling than being called a "Masshole" because that's who and what we are. We don't take any type of bull from anyone and we know we're the best state there is. So please, keep calling me a Masshole. It only makes me smile. ;)

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