In Heaven There Is No Beer

Any loyal Hawkeye fan knows the victory polka, "In Heaven There Is No Beer," And as I hung out with my dad while grilling dinner the song popped into my head. Being the Hawkeye fan I am, I learned this song at a young age. And being from small town Iowa I learned at a young age that we do indeed drink beer while we are on earth just in case it doesn't show up in heaven. However, what I did not know, was that the song that could easily double as a second fight song was banned for a month in 2001.

When the song was first played in the 1960s by the Hawkeye Band no one thought twice about it. Iowa is known for it's beer drinking population, and often when we travel the bars love us. But in 2001, someone claimed that the song promoted alcohol abuse and the University banned the song from being played.

The fandom had an uproar reaction, as was not surprising. The song is probably more well known than the Hawkeye fight song. A month into the ban the University President was forced to bring back the song, however sheet music distribution is no longer allowed. Band members must learn the tune by ear.

Today you will hear this victory polka after which every Hawkeye win that the band is present for. The four line song has become a tradition, and a song many fans learn at a young age. To be honest I think I learned it by the time I was six, and I lived in Iowa City.

So, my fellow Hawkeye fans, in heaven there is no beer. Tis why we drink it here.

In Heaven there is no beer
That's why we drink it here
And when we're gone from here
Our friends will be drinking all our beer

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