33 Signs You're From Kansas City
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33 Signs You're From Kansas City

KC is just too much city for one state!

33 Signs You're From Kansas City

1. You judge every barbecue with the highest standards, and no one ever, ever stands a chance against Joe's, Gates and Jack Stack.

You don't have burnt ends? This ain't real barbecue.

2. Tornadoes are no big deal. Granted, you've never actually been in one, but your school had plenty of drills, you know, just in case.

There's a tornado? Let's go outside!!

3. You've had to explain to way too many people that KC is in Kansas and Missouri.

We may be from the same city, but we're very different people.

4. There's nothing quite like a good thunderstorm.

Best sleep you'll ever get.

5. You're a die-hard Chiefs, Royals and Sporting fan.

Win or lose, we still tailgate harder than your team.

6. You go to the Plaza to see the lights every winter, without fail.

It never changes, but we go every year anyway.

7. You spent your childhood summers at Worlds of Fun.

Mamba, Patriot, Timberwolf, Prowler...

8. You've ordered, and conquered, a Winstead's Skyscraper.

Don't worry, there's a picture to prove it.

9. The KU vs. MU rivalry is so real.

Rock Chalk or M-I-Z? Say the wrong one and you could be in trouble.

10. Science City was the coolest place ever.

And you're a little bitter you're too old for it now.

11. You know Leawood cops are the worst.

Obey those speed limits, or else.

12. You know someone that has stolen the 69 South sign.

It's funny every time.

13. Loose Park never fails to amaze you.

And you may or may not have taken your senior pictures there.

14. Fountains, fountains and more fountains.

Rome ain't got nothin' on us.

15. You've been to one of the crazy watch parties or concerts in the Power and Light District.

Kansas Citians go hard.

16. People ask you if you're going to college at "KU or K-State." There is no other option.

Yes, schools exist outside of Kansas, believe it or not.

17. You've been on a field trip to the Capitol in Topeka.

But you've never been back since then.

18. Johnson County moms are a breed of their own.

Spot them in their Mercedes with their Starbucks in hand.

19. You know exactly where to find the hipsters: First Fridays.

Art?! Culture?!

20. The Renaissance Festival is something you just have to experience.

Where the turkey legs are bigger than your head.

21. Your fridge has always had Boulevard Beer in it.

It's a necessity.

22. Your graduation took place in Kemper Arena.

Is your degree even valid if yours didn't?

23. Public transportation? What's that?

The things I would do for that lightrail...

24. You've been asked if you live on a farm...

"No, and I don't ride a cow to school either."

25. ...and you're told "You're not in Kansas anymore" anytime you leave the state.

Dorothy jokes? Real original.

26. Concerts at the Sprint Center are unreal.

Even if your seats are crappy.

27. You're either terrified by or obsessed with Verrückt.

How is that even legal?

28. Your mouth waters just hearing about "cider mill donuts."


29. Going to "The Lake" can only mean one thing.


30. You've been stuck behind a tractor more than once.

Get. Out. Of. The. Way.

31. Yes, you know your state is flatter than a pancake.

Unless you're in Lawrence, of course.

32. You know the best view of the city is from the National WWI Museum.

And the museum itself is pretty cool, too.

33. Although it goes unnoticed, you're proud to be from the best city in the world.

There's no place like home...

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