1. You know that 30 degrees isn’t cold... negative 30 degrees is.

Because of this, you MUST have a jacket that goes at least to your knees.

2. On the other hand, you know that 60 degrees in April is HOT.

Even if there is still snow on the ground, people will be in shorts.

3. Walking on a frozen lake is not only acceptable, but also encouraged.

In fact, people actually place furniture on the lake each year, which makes for great Instagrams.

4. As soon as that frozen lake unfreezes, it is completely acceptable to swim in it.

Unfrozen lake=so many activities.

5. Snow days are for babies.

If anything, there should be days dedicated to it being too cold to be outside for more than 30 minutes.

6. On those days when it is too cold to be outside for an extended period of time, class will still not be cancelled.

But don’t worry, they will be handing out hot chocolate to make up for it.

7. You have had to attempt to explain what a cheese curd is on several occasions.

My go-to response is to describe it as a mini mozzarella stick but with cheddar cheese.

8. When someone says “eat shit,” you automatically respond “fuck you.”

Not really sure where this tradition comes from, but it's definitely a highlight of a Wisconsin football game.

9. Going to the farmer’s market makes you love Wisconsin even more.

There is nothing better than walking around and tasting cheese all morning.

10. You have probably cried at least once in College Library or Memorial Library.

Speaking of libraries, you are either a College or Memorial type of person.

11. You have gotten lost in Humanities.

This building was designed in order for you to be late for class.

12. The terrace is one of your favorite places on campus.

You probably have thought about the best way to steal one of these chairs.

13. Your hair has literally frozen from going outside after showering.

Yeah.. it happens.

14. You plan your second semester around the locations of the buildings.

Whatever you have to do in order to spend the least amount of time outside, the better.

15. You try to avoid having classes up Bascom.

I'm sorry, but there's no way walking up this hill only burns the calories of one Cheeto.

16. The 80 in the winter is your worst nightmare.

Props to you if you can find a way onto this ridiculously crowded bus in time for class, let alone get it to stop for you.

17. You freak out whenever "Jump Around" is played.

It doesn't matter where you are, you will start jumping.

To sum it up...

Whenever someone asks why you go to Wisconsin, you can’t even come up with a response because it is the most amazing college in the country, and you feel bad for anyone who doesn't go here.