Why I Support Hillary Clinton

Look, Hilary Clinton is not perfect, but dammit she's the best choice for president of The United States!

I can’t understand why people have trouble making this choice: Hillary, Trump, or a third party candidate.

First of all the fact that all the other candidates are “A third party candidate” and that's all that they are commonly referred to tells me that they aren’t making enough of an impact to really have a shot at winning the presidency. I have no problem with voting for a third party candidate, and I in no way view it as a wasted vote, but I can not risk spreading out the votes.

Which brings me to Donald Trump. Trump has issues that I simply can not allow in The White House: he is a pathological liar who has come up with lies the likes of which no other candidate even comes close to matching. He has no idea how to interact with people in a compassionate manner. Trump is all about Trump and he doesn’t care about the American people or any other group of people. Trump is a misogynistic, sexist, horror of a man who doesn’t care about women, their rights, or even their general well-being, I can not support that.

Hillary Clinton, if elected will be the first female president in the history of The United States. This milestone would be following the first black president in the history of The United States. The sheer importance of these two milestones in our countries' history is incredible. If we were to make this happen and we have a strong black president for two terms and then have a strong female president immediately afterward we show that this country is making amazing strides towards equality in this country, which is something we desperately need.

I was and still am a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders and everything he stood for as a candidate. Now that he is no longer in the race for president, and because he has worked with Hillary and her team in order to make some of his ideas a reality I feel that Hillary Clinton is the best shot for attaining the America that Bernie Sanders had in mind. Hillary is not the candidate to lead the political revolution that we so desperately need, but she is a start and she is the best start we have right now.

Hilary has made mistakes, but that's just it, they are mistakes. She used a private email server and deleted emails, that's a mistake it's not a malicious action. When Trump claims that Mexicans are rapists and killers he is being malicious; when Hillary deletes her emails she is not. Hilary is not evil, she is a normal politician. Politics need to be changed but Donald Trump is not that change and if we put him in the Oval Office then we may not get the chance to change politics for the better.
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